The Most Expensive Annual Event: the Senior Auction 2023

Senior Auction Promotion Poster | Source: Senior Class Club '23

On January 24th, 2023, the Senior Class Club (SCC) hosted its annual Senior Auction. The Senior Auction typically takes place during the second semester of the school year. Through this event, SCC accumulates money from the student body and staff’s donations and bids to fund their class’s Prom.

This year’s Senior Auction consisted of two events: the silent auction and the live auction. The silent auction took place during both middays at the CAC (College and Academic Counselor) Commons, where physical items were displayed alongside a sheet of paper for students and staff to offer bids. This year, there were items including baskets, backpacks, plushies, gift cards, etc. Throughout the entire midday, the CAC Commons was full of students and staff members, browsing and placing bids on items

The silent auction drew a large number of students, but the live auction engaged even more. The live auction took place in the Auditorium during the evening. Unique donations were featured in the live auction, such as group meals with IMSA staff members, special privileges, and fun services. 

Students at the Live Auction. | Source: Megan Sia

Initially, there were low stakes for bidding with only one or two people bidding. However, as the popular categories were presented, such as food items and privileges, there was intense competition to bid. Some of the most notable items were Dinner with the Dongs and the Parking Spot.

Dinner with the Dongs is a thrilling opportunity for a group of students to experience a home dinner with physics teacher Dr. Dong and his family. This fun and unique experience went up to around $475 through fierce bidding. 

Nonetheless, this donation doesn’t compare to the most expensive bid: a parking spot. The parking spot on campus was sold through a $1,150 bid. This parking privilege is quite exclusive as IMSA doesn’t permit students to park their cars on campus. Parking without permission can result in a Tier II – A disciplinary measure. 

Following the auction, many people questioned the logic of bidding such a significant amount of money. Regardless, SCC was appreciative of the IMSA community’s donations that contributed to providing the Class of 2023 with a action-packed prom! As this is their last semester before prom, the club is continuing to create engaging events to raise money, with their upcoming event as a club-collab with the Junior Class Club for a romantic Valentine’s Day Dance.

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