Roommate Bonding Ideas

best roommate pairIrene and her roommate Sophia | Source: Irene Park

Source: Irene Park

For many of us, living with someone else can be difficult to navigate, particularly if you’re a sophomore and got placed with a completely random student, it can be awkward to know each other’s boundaries and feel truly at home. As someone who will inevitably be voted as one-half of the best roommate pair this year, let me give you a few tips on how to bond with your roommate!

Go on a walking trip or bus trip together

Having to walk the long stretch between IMSA and Orchard can be awkward—so, it’s a great way to force yourselves to talk to each other! Find out what your roommate likes or dislikes, what they want to do in the future, and what they’re currently worried about. Recount a funny story that happened in freshman year. Then, grab some boba or Starbucks to finish off your trip.

Go on an Access walk

Walking Access Road has a level of intimacy that is unattainable in other places on campus. If both of you need to clear your heads, going on a quick 20–30 minute Access walk can evoke deep conversations. 

matching outfits

Source: Irene Park

Swap clothes for a day

You don’t have to be the same size as your roommate to do this! You can still swap basic items like hoodies or graphic tees. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, turn one of your inside jokes into a shirt. Having matching pajamas is also a cool idea.

Have late night talks

This can be done simultaneously with other activities on this list, but having deep conversations is key to a stable relationship with your roommate. Learn about what they’re afraid of, what upsets them the most, who they are having difficulty with, what classes they hate, etc. 


match outfits

Source: Irene Park

Cook (or microwave) something together

Obviously, cooking in the dorms isn’t really possible. But, get some frozen meals or quick snacks instead! Some simple ideas are s’mores, mug cakes, fruit and melted chocolate, and ramen. By making these snacks together, you can spend quality time with your roommate and discover how terrible they are at using the microwave.

Watch a movie or TV show

Find a genre that both of you like. Or, maybe you can watch something you like one day and something your roommate likes the next day. Either way, it’s always a good idea (if you don’t have an unbearable amount of homework, obviously) to watch a fun movie after 10 check with your roommate!

Play Truth or Dare

This can take the form of a traditional Truth or Dare game, or you can step it up and play Jackbox games, or 20 questions. Either way, you can learn more about your roommate and that time they lost a toaster. 

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