A Guide to the Perfect Prom Ask

The "dress picture" at Prom in 2017 | Source: IMSA Student Productions

As IMSA students enter the fourth quarter, there is a singular event at the forefront of every senior’s mind: Prom. There is much preparation involved regarding prom, from finding the perfect outfit, to forming the perfect table, and of course, finding a date. While it may be a nerve-wracking experience, it can also turn out to create meaningful memories for both you and your date. For anyone looking to take a special someone to prom, here is your guide to the perfect prom ask.

Step 1: Find Your Date 

While some may have significant others to go to prom with, many students are still searching for a prospective date. As you search for your date, be on the lookout to see out who would match your energy and fit your needs at prom! For example, if you are someone who practically lives on the dance floor, find someone who will be right there with you! If you’d rather explore the venue and steer clear of the mosh pits or the dance floor, find a date who would keep you company!

Step 2: Finding Your Fit 

Once you have determined who your prospective date will be, it is important to consider what type of ask would suit you and your date. For example, if your date is an extravagant, over the top individual who would appreciate the attention of a crowd, it could be beneficial to cater to that part of their personality through your ask. On the other hand, if your prospective date is quieter and prefers more private, intimate moments, then perhaps opt for an ask that suits that need. Also consider how close your relationship is with this particular person: are you a couple, best friends, or simply strangers who both do not have a date for the special evening? If you have a close relationship, consider incorporating inside jokes or an object of value to your relationship when asking them to prom. If you are strangers or do not have that close of a relationship, look towards your date’s friends for some information regarding their likes and dislikes. 

Step 3: Decide on a Method 

The process of asking someone to prom is an incredibly creative one, and so there are various different ways you can approach your ask. Whether you want to lead your prospective date on a scavenger hunt, surprise them with a flash mob, or use the traditional poster with a pun, it is important that you figure out the logistics of your ask. For example, if your ask is a surprise, make sure to find the perfect moment and coordinate around your prospective date’s schedule to make sure that they will show up (it would be a smart idea to recruit some of their friends to help you). If you are creating a poster, think of some fun puns or phrases that will warm your date’s heart and convince them to say yes. 

Step 4: Just Ask & Have Fun! 

The last and most important step is to simply ask your date! Whether they say yes or no, the experience of organizing the ask is one to cherish and will be a memory worth holding on to. 

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