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$500 Scholarships Opportunity

The Lindenhurst-Lake Villa Chamber of Commerce through its Paul Yurs Memorial Scholarship Committee awards TWO $500 SCHOLARSHIPS to seniors residing in Lake Villa Township. The scholarships are awarded not only on the basis…

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IMSA Welcomes New Teachers

By: Haneesha Paruchuri, Jo-Jo Feng, David Lisk, Rebecca Geiger, Heidi Dong For this academic year, IMSA replaced a significant number of faculty members. And over the remainder of this semester,…

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Preview Day – An Eye-Opening Look at IMSA

On Saturday, November 9, 2013, over a thousand people surged through IMSA’s front doors for the spectacle of Preview Day. The crowd contained prospective students and their families, guided throughout…

IN FOCUS: Diwali and Swim Take IMSA by Storm

Diwali, A Show to “Light Up” Your Night For the past month, IMSA’s Indian Students’ Association (ISA) has been preparing for their annual and highly-anticipated event of the year, Diwali….

Microsoft vs. Apple: The Big Two

Ever since Steve Jobs and Bill Gates went their separate ways to create their respective brainchild companies, fanboys of both companies have been warring with each other. While Apple and…