Study Up: A Compiled Source for Finals Guides

Over the years, many students have written study guides for their finals, including the ever-popular BC and AdChem exams. We’ve reached out to some authors of these guides, and they have generously offered to have them published in the Acronym. If you have written any guides for classes in the past or for this semester, you can contact the Editors-in-Chief at and to add them to this page. This list will continue to update as new entries arrive.

The list of finals can be found here:

Additionally, we have a few AP resources as well, in particular, the last link on this page.

Note: Some documents do not download on the first try, but refreshing the page or re-opening the tab usually solves this issue. Other solutions would be to re-download from a different browser (such as Internet Explorer). Similarly, some of these guides were written a few years back, so please review them with discretion. Some curriculum may have changed, but we hope you find them helpful regardless!


Without further ado, here are the guides!

Math courses:












Advanced Chemistry, yearlong:

Advanced Chemistry, Structures and Properties:

Advanced Chemistry, Chemical Reactions:


Comprehensive AP study guides:

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Jen Ren
Jen, a senior from Naperville, serves as Co-Editor-in-Chief with her roommate, Summer. In addition to the Acronym, she co-coordinates the LEAD (Leadership Education and Development) program at IMSA, a student-run organization that strives to inspire individuals through discourse and project design to become active and ethical leaders. LEAD has instilled her passion for service and advocacy for change, which has influenced her hopes for the Acronym. She believes it can become an outlet for students’ voices and accurately represent opinions of all. (Jen can be reached at and at 630-303-6345)

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