Earth Week at IMSA!

IMSA’s own modern embodiments of Thoreau, Emerson, Leopold, and Muir, IMSA’s Club Verno, can be found year round roaming the gardens and greenhouses on campus. However, during the celebratory week of April 22nd through April 26th, they will be found behind every plant and garbage can littered with plastic water  bottles around main building ready to educate the student body about Earth Week.

Club Verno board members have been working very hard in preparation for IMSA’s Earth Week celebration this year. The Verno board planned simple, easy ways for the student body to join the global movement of “going green” during Earth Week.

The schedule for Earth Week at IMSA is as follows:
Monday – Meatless Monday
There will be a table outside of the Sodexo lunch line advocating the benefits of a meatless diet for 1 or more days each week. Vegetarian recipes will be available for all students interested. Students will be able to sign a banner pledging not to eat meat on Mondays.

Tuesday – Waste Management
A table outside of Sodexo will display the effects of different types of waste (from packaging to compost) and
the time it takes for each type to break down.

Tuesday Afternoon- Campus Cleanup
A campus clean-up will begin promptly at 4:20 at the flag pole, weather permitting. Bags and gloves will be provided. It is advised to wear long pants and closed-toed shoes. According to Brooke Kottkamp, Club Verno President, “Bring lots of friends and you will hopefully enjoy some nice spring weather as well!”

Thursday – Be Seen with your Canteen (Day 1)
Club Verno representatives will be roaming around with cameras during midday, asking any students with a canteen whether they would like to have their picture taken.

Friday – Be Seen with your Canteen (Day 2)
During midday, there we will be a Powerpoint slideshow running, with all of the pictures taken from the day before, along with slogans advocating for the use of reusable water bottles.

“Thanks for your interest! We hope you are as excited about Earth Week as we are,” said Kottkamp and Verno board members.

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