Future of IMSA Student Council

By: Haneesha Paruchuri, IMSA News Staff Writer

UPDATE 29 April 2013
Now featuring full video of election night and all speeches.

The votes have been tallied and the results are in! The candidates’ years of experience, weeks of campaigning, and hours of preparation were displayed at the Student Council elections held on Tuesday, April 23. Moderated by Kevin Zhang and Ian Wilkinson, StudCo’s President and Senior-at-Large respectively, the event determined to whom the current board would pass the torch.

Three qualified candidates ran for the position of IMSA’s Student Council President – Anthony Marquez, Scott Zelman and Sunny Shah. All the candidates presented their ideas on the changes they hoped to implement the coming academic year. They all had distinctive visions for the future of IMSA Student Council; however, there can only be one president. A hearty congratulations to the future President Anthony Marquez, a well-earned title for a student with big ideas.

Anthony’s vision for IMSA Student Council is a stronger integration into the student body. He plans to increase communication between the residential halls and Student Council board by ensuring an equal representation of StudCo members in each hall. By this action, he hopes to connect to the entirety of the student body. Other plans include decreasing stress on the students. A proposed idea was encouraging the use of a universal homework schedule to spread and separate out work for students. This allows the students to take time and perfect every homework assignment, project or essay. It is clear that his passion and motivation will drive him to successfully execute his ideas.

Certainly an individual with a vision, Anthony will guide IMSA and Student Council with his fellow executive members. Results are as listed below.

President – Anthony Marquez (’14)
Vice-President – Vinesh Kannan (’15)
Secretary – Emmy Mladenova (’14)
Treasurer – Ryan Yang (’15)
Senior-at-Large – Sarah Valentine (’14)
Junior-at-Large – Alonzo Marsh (’15)
CAB Director – Lynette To (’14)

Once again, congratulations to the newly elected Student Council Executive Board. IMSA faculty and students, look forward to the growth of IMSA StudCo this coming school year!

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