Start Off the Year Strong

Remember the importance of time management. Let’s reminisce on that time that you were furiously tearing out your hair trying to cram for a test or produce a “quality” essay. I am sure that all of us vowed to never to procrastinate again. So, instead of finding yourself overwhelmed and temporarily suicidal, let’s take a few steps of precaution.

1. Get a calendar/planner. When you say that you will remember all those assignments or meetings, you probably won’t. Instead of living dangerously, why don’t we play it safe and write it down? I am sure your teachers and colleagues will appreciate it in the long run.

2. Plan your schedule. Start your day by having a list of things you want to accomplish (and be realistic) and when you want to finish them. You don’t have to be detailed to every second (unless you need that level of control). However, if you don’t even know what you want to finish for that day, it can hurt your productivity.

3. Plan AHEAD. A couple hours before the deadline is not “ahead.” Strive to give yourself enough time to check your work and affirm that it is good. If you study a couple days early, you will have the enough time to get help on that tough section. If you finish your paper a couple days early, you will have the luxury of entering the writing center and polishing that piece of art. Once again, plan ahead.

4. Don’t waste too much time. This point is largely overlooked. Too many IMSA students become addicted to Facebook, League of Legends, etc. Save them for later. I promise — you will have time then. When you have to work, work.

4.5 Don’t use others to justify the wasting of time. Yes, IMSA is unfair. Some teachers are easier, some schedules are better. Everyone’s schedules are different. Everyone’s workloads, teachers, and levels of experience are different. Don’t whine that “he only studied X amount of time and was able to do well.” Find your own way and gauge your time accordingly.

5. Sleep. Everyone has heard that small voice in the back of their heads murmur “Man, I should sleep” but still decide to evade sleep because their roommates and wingmates are staying up and having fun. Save your bad sleeping habits for weekends (and Tuesdays where applicable).

6. Don’t overdo it.  You need flexibility in your schedule if you plan on taking part in many activities. Several students are SO focused on their work that they tend to earn a bad reputation of a try-hard. Learn to take advantage of IMSA and its environment. Friends are great resources (emotionally and academically) and will help you achieve success. People here are unique; get to know them.


WARNING! WARNING! STUDY BUDDIES. I get it. Your best friend is in your biology class and a study session sounds like a great idea. However, if you find yourself talking more about K-pop than T-cells and B-cells, it might be time to bail. The night before a test is not a time to socialize, and I’m sure every IMSA student will understand that.

Plan time to relax. It is understandable that relaxing is not far up on your priority list. However, it is incredibly important (as it can affect your work). Try to plan a section of your day when you can take a nap, watch a movie, or prank your friend. You will enjoy life a lot more if you have fun.

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