Articles by Deborah Park

Minority Report Presents Its Winter Issue

What does it mean to be called a Halfie? Is Mexican culture not accepted in America? Is there still blatant racism in the Miss America Pageant? How is Russia violating…

How to Gain Weight over Thanksgiving

After nights of sleep deprivation and stressful due dates, the upcoming five day break is a change we are all looking forward to. On Tuesday, concerned parents will be greeting…

Sodexo with a Twist

Sodexo seems like a place where you walk in, grab some food, and chow down. But is there really more than meets the mouth here? Maria, Deborah, and special guest…

How to Tell If You Have a Toshiba

You wouldn’t be able to read this article if you had a Toshiba but trivial statements aside, 1. The hinges are good for nothing.             2….

Start Off the Year Strong

Remember the importance of time management. Let’s reminisce on that time that you were furiously tearing out your hair trying to cram for a test or produce a “quality” essay….