Meet the Faculty: Julie Dowling of Drama and KI

To the eager children in the Summer@IMSA programs, she is formally known as Ms. Dowling. However, the members of Kids Institute (KI) and Drama Club just call her Julie or even Mama for those who worked with her the longest and most. Her friendly and humorous demeanor invites students to frequently stop by her office either to play with the toys on her desk or to start an interesting conversation.

Julie Dowling strongly believes that students have the capability to start influential projects or programs. That was how KI got started. KI was established in 1998 by a group of students who wanted to teach children various topics in science and math. Students continue to play an active role in KI as they write lesson plans and enthusiastically teach students in all of the programs. Julie has been with KI for approximately 5 years and has seen it expand into a service learning opportunity that creates lasting bonds among the students. She finds the bond created with her students to be the most gratifying experience in KI.

Another club that is dear as KI to Julie is Drama Club. She has done theater for 19 years and has been with IMSA’s Drama Club for 8 years. She eagerly recalls several of the plays done in years past that range from comedy to tragedy. She describes the different challenges each play has had such as tricky stunts or difficult scripts (go Shakespeare!). However, for her and all of the participants, each play has brought a distinct gratification that is incredibly rewarding.

Any questions about Drama Club or KI should be directed to Julie at Her office by Student Union is also available.

Fun fact: Julie speak in  several different accents (specifically, Irish, Scottish, French, Italian, Boston, New York, and Brooklyn accents as well as three different British accents and three different Southern accents.)

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