Beyond the Nubbiness: 2016 Sophomore Profiling

Around the beginning of the year, the IMSA campus is brimming with life and excitement. The hustle and bustle of Move-In, rowdy mixers, new and old friends, Convocation, first classes… Most excitingly, a fresh, new crowd of sophomores joins the IMSA student body.

Curiosity caught hold of the Acronym staff, so we endeavored to get to know them better. What we found through our anonymous survey surprised us. Suffice to say, IMSA has certainly welcomed a diverse and unique group of students!

Did you know that in the entering sophomore class, there is someone who:

Memorized the first 115 digits of pi. ● Came in third at the ACSI National Spelling Bee. ● Formed a band and composed four songs. ● Placed first in Scholastic Bowl in the categories English, history, math, as well as the Grand Champions. ●  Can fly in a simulator. ● Is most proud of his two younger brothers for whom he built a tree house and got a nail stuck in his head. ● Can solve Rubik’s Cubes up to dimensions of 11 by 11. ● Can lick his/her own elbow!

Skipped two grade. ● Listed eating fast food and performing improv as special talents. ● Is a pre-professional dancer. ● Placed first in the Muddy Buddy race. ● Is a male who can twerk. ● Won a gold nationally for a music composition in a competition called ACT-SO. ● Takes pride in programming prowess, having also competed at Nationals for robotics. ● Has eyes that change color based on mood.  ● Can “hambon,” a form of music created by “rhythmic slaps and pats on the body” (Urban Dictionary).

Is a Kuchipudi (Indian dancer). ● Won a semi-finalist award for a national science fair. ● Is skilled at playing both volleyball and the viola. ● Recently scored 309 on the NWEA Mathematics test. ●Took a Materials & Design Engineering class at Northwestern this summer. ● Is a 2nd degree Black Belt in TaekwonDo. ● Competed  in the 2013 Robotics World Championships at the Indiana Robotics Invitational. ● Can juggle and sing (perhaps simultaneously too!).

Won the 3M Young Scientist Challenge for the state Illinois. ● Played the role of Macavity the Mystery Cat in a production of Cats. ● Traveled to Oregon over the summer to work in a bakery. ● Is a black belt in karate. Participated in National Spelling Bee 2011. ● Prides in ability to play Yui’s “Again” on the piano. ● Is an AMC8 School Winner. ● Sports double-jointed toes. ● Is a MathCounts state qualifier. ● Can speed cube in under a minute.

Now you know.

About the Author

Stephanie Wang
With a penchant for satire and multimedia integration, Stephanie Wang is grounded in cross-campus news and commentary, having introduced the latter in her stint as an IMSA News Section Editor. She looks forward to the day that the Acronym becomes the “Academy’s Choice Reading: One Independent Newspaper for You and Me” -- she winks in your general direction. Find her trudging and swimming around campus or contact her at:

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