The Acronym’s Senior Survey Responses!

Here’s The Acronym’s official 2023 Senior Survey Responses!

Our seniors were asked the following questions:
– What are your Future Plans for the next 10 years? 
– Biggest Accomplishment during your time at IMSA? 
– Biggest Regret from your time at IMSA? 
– Most Memorable Moments at IMSA?
– Wise Words of Wisdom

Here were their answers!
Aaliyah Ali
Aarya Khapre
Adedapo Adeyemi
Alexander Vale
Alexandra Orantia
Amogh Shetty
Amrut Pennaka
Anya Ritchie
Ara Macaulay
Atharva Gawde
Aubrey Hall
Avery Hedican
Ayati Lala
Ben Simmons
Bhavyaa Chauhan
Breena Bulthuis
Brookelynn Gotschall
Bryce Sharp
Christian Cline
Clay Miner
Daniel Ma
Daniel Park
David Love
Dean Barrow
Dean Cianciolo
Dheeran Wiggins
Dhruv Patel
Divya Choudhary
Dorrie Peters
Edgar Carlos
Elaina Xiao
Elizabeth Nyamwange
Ella Mixer
Ella Slinn
Ella Voyles
Ethan Dawes
Fiona Kriner
Frederick Meents IV
George Bayliss
Grace Daum
Halimat Snausi
Himani Kamineni
Ilan Lunken
Irene Sooah Park
Jack Morby
Jackie Zhang
Jackson Halstead
Jacob Holloway
Jared Dong
Jason Qin
Jayant Kumar
Jazmyne Germo
Jeff Duan
Jesse Park
Karina Byers
Keerthi Panchagnula
Kelly Cruz
Kenith Taukolo
Kevin Huang
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Lemus
Kevin Zhang
Liam Indigo
Lily Powell
Lily Song
Liz Carlson
Luis Hernandez Aguirre
Maame Afua
Marcelle Mbende
Matthew Svatora
Mauricio Ortiz
Maya Sanchez
Megan Sia
Melanie Cuenca
Michael Y.
Michelle Li
Michelle Sun
Nandana Varma
Nikita Rudrapati
Nomar Martin
Nooriyah Doriwala
Patrick Andrei Tenedor
Payton Wiggins
Peyton Gutting
Pietro Stabile
Pranit Guntupalli
Rafael Rotger
Rebecca Liu
Renaldo Venegas
Revanth Poondru
Riman Doodin
Rohan Jain
Ryleigh Jolliff
Saamiyah Khan
Sajal Shukla
Saketh Dontaraju
Samuel Go
Sara Kashyap
Sarah Wheeler
Shaan Doshi
Shanan Riley
Shiqi Cheng
Shreya Chakraborty
Shria Halkoda
Sofia Zasiebida
Sridevi Krothapalli
Steve Dziamentsyeu
Surya Bhamidi
Taylor Baugh
Umi Arora
Venus Obazuaye
Vidhi Shah
Vikram Karra
Yareli Marinez
Yina Wang
Zander Tamez

Aaliyah Ali

Future Plans: I hope to be in a place where I can give back to the people I love.
Biggest Achievement: Finding my voice — and not being afraid to use it, no matter where that led me.
Biggest Regret: Worrying too much about the future that I forgot to simply embrace the present.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Clash with 03, 2022
  • Meeting my roommate and soulmate (Nandana)
  • Staying up all night with my B Wing sophs
  • Clash with 02, 2023 — especially Talent Show
  • 7 course meals with Nandana and Shreya every night
  • Sunset runs every night for my mental sanity.
  • SIR ice cream trips.
  • Holi 2022.

Wise Words of Wisdom: It’s never worth it to worry about tomorrow when you can be grateful for what you have right now.

Aarya Khapre

Future Plans: I want to get a job in the aerospace industry, save up, and travel.
Biggest Achievement : I started an eight page paper for 20 Cent at 8:00 am and turned it in at 7:56 pm the same day (it was due at 8pm) and got a 93 on it.
Biggest Regret: Not joining robotics.
Most Memorable Moments: Clash and late night in the 02 RC office.
Wise Words of Wisdom: Trust yourself.

Adedapo Adeyemi

Wise Words of Wisdom: Focus on the present moment and the people around you, don’t just exist online.

Alexander Vale

Future Plans: Well, lots of college in business, and probably at least going up to a master’s degree. From there to a hopefully high-paying job; aside from that, meet someone who will hopefully be my wife one day.
Biggest Achievement : I mean, honestly it was getting in; as all we soon-to-be alumni know, it was no easy feat and we had to work hard while still pretty young to just get in.
Biggest Regret: Probably not getting involved in many clubs and extracurriculars; few of them appealed to my interests, but I should have joined to meet some new people.
Wise Words of Wisdom: The future matters, but so does the present. Live well.

Alexandra Orantia

Future Plans: Working with data science, hopefully in business. Honestly, I don’t know lol. Whatever I do choose to pursue, it’s going to be something that I enjoy.
Biggest Achievement: Consistently involving myself in the dance culture on campus. Dance to me is something I can improve and be better at, something that isn’t academic at IMSA, and a new passion that I can be proud of.
Biggest Regret: Despite our virtual soph year, I wish I made more of an effort to talk to people, establish myself more in clubs, and talk to my upperclassmen. I regret not trying to make those connections.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Walking trips w/ Bhavya, Luis, and Rhea.
  • Lunar 2022.
  • Every culture show 2023.
  • Poly shenanigans (s/out to Bhavya, Zander, Shreeya, and Eddie <33).
  • Joyyee and Holi 2022 w/ Nom Nom, Nubs and Jerrick lol.
  • Waffle nights 2022 with 03D downquad and pancake and waffle nights 2023 with 03D.
  • Every late night with Jackie.
  • Sushi with the quad (I LOVE ELAINA, IRENE, AND JACKIE!)
  • Prom 2022 and def prom 2023.
  • Senior week + graduation 2022
  • def prom 2023.


Wise Words of Wisdom: Smile. Choose happiness. Surround yourself with good people and make fun memories. Life is too short to spend it with npcs and bozos.

Amogh Shetty

Biggest Regret: So many regrets. Didn’t realize early enough about the opportunities available at IMSA.
Wise Words of Wisdom: God is great. There will always be a bigger fish. Focus on growing yourself.

Amrut Pennaka

Future Plans: Happy and/or rich :D
Biggest Achievement: I have friends :D
Biggest Regret: Doing better in classes LOL
Most Memorable Moments:

  • CLASH 22 + 23
  • Mall + Lazer Tag + Theo’s house
  • Sneaking off campus SSS
  • Last day of school 22 + all nighter
  • 22 Robotics competition (mccdonalds incident)
  • Prom + Senior Trip hopefully
  • late nights w/ zander “dumbass” tamez


Wise Words of Wisdom: you’re the best.

Anya Ritchie

Most Memorable Moments: Last year’s Prom. Ha, quite memorable.

Ara Macaulay

Ara Macaulay
Future Plans: Succeeding in and enjoying my college years, securing a job I actually love (thank God marketing is a flexible career path). More sewing, of course. And I’ve always wanted to start a small biz too.
Biggest Achievement: Surviving the BC sequence and not dropping out. But also, taking the time to figure out how to take care of and genuinely fall in love with myself and who I am becoming.
Biggest Regret: BEING at IMSA (this is a joke). I know some might say they didn’t socialize enough, but in all honesty, I wish that I learned earlier on how to better balance academics with a robust social life.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • The day I and two others (you know who you are) all took mental health days to grind out early action college essays — we didn’t do much work, but had each others’ company.
  • The day after Homecoming ’23.
  • Walking trips where it was only a total of two people.
  • All the culture shows I danced in, but especially Casa de la Luna.
  • Every access walk I’ve been on at night.
  • Jumpscaring or doxxing friends for no reason because we found it funny.
  • Thought-provoking conversations with the quad + Yina until 2:30 am. And prom (especially the after party).

Wise Words of Wisdom: Don’t settle for poor decisions, and then come back around to complain about something you had control over. A stitch in time [allegedy] saves nine.

Atharva Gawde

Future Plans: I hope to pursue Physics as my major and find a career where I will continue my love for research and exploration in research. Travel the world, explore film-making, and create art.
Biggest Achievement: Learning German at IMSA and as an exchange student in Kulmbach and Berlin.
Biggest Regret: Not joining the Acronym is one of my biggest regrets, and I wish I got to know more people during my time here.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Welcome week after online year
  • Chess state
  • Culture show practices
  • Clash (especially filming the clash movie)
  • Holi
  • Tennis practices
  • Prom!


Wise Words of Wisdom: Don’t overthink it.

Aubrey Hall

Future Plans: I plan on getting a degree in computer science and moving to San Francisco or New York City to work for a tech startup.
Biggest Achievement : My biggest accomplishment was not failing Dr. Fogel’s MVC class.
Biggest Regret: I wish I could’ve had my sophomore year in person. I missed out on so much time to make friends with everyone in my grade.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Winning drill

Wise Words of Wisdom: It is okay to take time for yourself. IMSA is such a competitive and high stress environment, but you’re allowed to be a teenager and enjoy life.

Avery Hedican

Future Plans: Go to medical school and study to become an OBGYN or an Orthopedist.
Biggest Achievement : Getting a full-tuition scholarship to my #1 college, and getting accepted to every college I applied to.
Biggest Regret: Not taking sophomore year more seriously.
Most Memorable Moments: f
Wise Words of Wisdom: It’s never that serious. Do what you want, because in five years nobody will remember.

Ayati Lala

Future Plans: Become a surgeon, live in the city, go on yearly vacations, and make sure I make the most of every moment!
Biggest Achievement: Making sure I get 10,000 steps every day
Biggest Regret: I would go back and talk to more of my classmates sophomore and junior year
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Pregaming for the SAT by listening to Love Sosa w/ my roommate
  • Taylor Midnights listening party on Slabs with Lily, Yina, and Michelle
  • Grabbing Lunch with SIR friends every Wednesday
  • 07 Drill for Clash


Wise Words of Wisdom: Never stop making new friends!

Ben Simmons

Future Plans: I’ll probably go to college (probably Macalester or Carleton) for computer science, then I’ll get some sort of job in CS, hopefully one that involves my related interests in sysadmin stuff.
Biggest Achievement: I’d say it is becoming the go-to tech person at IMSA. Even ITS sends repairs to me when they can’t fix them. There are people more skilled than me, but my combination of skills seems to be unique.
Biggest Regret: I wish I had tried harder to befriend people in junior year.

Bhavyaa Chauhan

Future Plans: I plan to travel the world with my friends and be rich enough to enjoy the finer things in life.
Biggest Regret: I wish I got closer with some underclassmen as a senior
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Partying with my friends
  • Back-to-back all-nighters in the study room
  • Throwing up before my math finals
  • Walking trips with my friends
  • Access walks <3
  • Hiding from Security while they do rounds at 3:00 am
  • 2022 Cash!
  • Hanging out in Staci’s office and meeting new people
  • Ariel yoga and kickboxing intersessions!
  • Having a busy schedule filled with meetings and dance practices

Breena Bulthuis

Future Plans: My goal is to double major in kinesiology and nutrition and get my masters in nutrition. I will be working as a sports nutritionist, hopefully with the NFL, and hopefully living somewhere warm.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Winning Clash 2022
  • Winning Clash 2023
  • Staci


Wise Words of Wisdom: Nothing matters that much. Do not stress about anything because it will all be fine. No matter what happens, life will keep going.

Brookelynn Gotschall

Future Plans: I want to major in marine biology and eventually also become a vet so that I can specifically be a vet for marine animals.
Biggest Achievement: Winning clash back to back in 01.
Biggest Regret: Not talking to a lot of people.
Most Memorable Moments: Becoming best friends with my roommate over the three years, being super close to my quad, clash in general junior and senior year.
Wise Words of Wisdom: Always make the choose you know you will least regret.

Bryce Sharp

Future Plans: Get rich or die trying
Biggest Achievement : Making the East Aurora tournament team
Biggest Regret: Not socializing sophomore year
Most Memorable Moments: Homecoming
Wise Words of Wisdom: Focus on yourself

Christian Cline

Future Plans: I plan to study Environmental Engineering in the future in the hopes of aiding in the fight against climate change. In 10 years I’d hope to see myself at the forefront helping heal our current world.
Biggest Achievement : Personally I am very proud of all the effort and time I’ve put into my more artistic projects at IMSA, such as all the work I’ve put into the Yearbook this year, into 1501’s CLASH ProPics, and more :)
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Having post midnight movie watches with my roommate
  • 2023 Friendsgiving
  • Prom 2023
  • Graduation
  • Hoco 2023
  • Clash
  • Skateboarding in the Parking Lot
  • Outside Blanket Picnics
  • Multiple Birthday Parties
  • Walking Trips


Wise Words of Wisdom: Find your honey badger

Clay Miner

Future Plans: My goal is to get a PhD in Astrophysics and work at NASA or another space related agency.
Biggest Achievement: Made some of the best friends I could ask for.
Most Memorable Moments: Walking trips with my friends in Spring were the most memorable.
Wise Words of Wisdom: Nobody cares, just do it.


Future Plans: I’m planning on finding some tech job and pursuing hobbies and writing on the side.
Biggest Achievement: Getting to know myself properly and learning to enjoy writing more.
Biggest Regret: Wasting Sophomore year and not staying on top of work.
Wise Words of Wisdom: Live for yourself, not others; find what you enjoy and enjoy it.


Future Plans: In the next 10 years I hope South had my nurse practitioner and start working as a travel nurse and the labor and delivery department at a hospital. I can also see myself married and settled down.
Biggest Achievement: I am extremely proud that I was able to get through online IMSA and junior year of IMSA, the hardest year ever! On top or this I I was able to get my certified nursing assistant certificate!
Biggest Regret: I regret not seeking help for classes earlier during the semester and waiting until the last minute when my grade could not be picked up.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Failed all nighters with janelle
  • Trips with my friends
  • Homecoming
  • skipping with friends lol


Wise Words of Wisdom: Do not let that D bring you down just continue your day, happy! Also if you fail that test just act like you didn’t fail it and move on.

Daniel Ma

Future Plans: Continue ventures into quantitative analysm/trading; Eventually expand vinyl collection to 1,000+ records
Biggest Achievement : Came out of double-digit Dana meetings unscathed
Biggest Regret: Not cherishing my time with upperclassmen enough
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Listening to Donda on release day w/ the quad
  • Witnessing 150.4 FM decs. Need I say more
  • My sheer initial bewilderment at Jacob Malone’s vinyl collection
  • Late night MVC study sessions w/ Edward & Philip during their SSS (muddy waters incident not included)
  • Watching Jared & JJ’s bench progress in the gym this year


Wise Words of Wisdom: Still believe in good days — SZA.

Daniel Park

Future Plans: Graduate college and medical school and be a resident.
Biggest Achievement: Find great friends and make great memories.
Biggest Regret: Doing more during Clash
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Clash
  • Sleepovers
  • Staying up late talking
  • Pizza party with friends during Convocation
  • FTC


Wise Words of Wisdom: Wish it. Want it. Do it.


Future Plans: College studying CS, maybe a FAANG job to get the experience, and then something different. I also imagine myself tutoring the kids in my hometown
Biggest Achievement: Setting up my own server
Biggest Regret: Not working on my time management earlier
Wise Words of Wisdom: Pay attention to your time management skills and procrastination. From what I’ve seen, they can make or break your success at IMSA and in life.

David Love

Future Plans: Next semester I will attend University of Illinois Chicago for computer science, and I hope to eventually return to school for a doctorate in computer science.
Biggest Achievement: I am proud that I took computational science!
Biggest Regret: I regret worrying about academics so much, if I could go back in time I would tell myself to relax and have more fun!
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Graduation 2023
  • Hanging out with friends


Wise Words of Wisdom: Don’t cry because it’s over, smile that it happened.

Dean Barrow

Future Plans: Business. I will have a business.
Biggest Achievement: I made genuine friends that I will continue to talk to after IMSA.
Biggest Regret: No regret. I experimented and learned along the way.
Most Memorable Moments: Clash has been the best.
Wise Words of Wisdom: “Death is nothing. But to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.” – Emperor Napoleon.

Dean Cianciolo

Future Plans: I plan to go to college and get a PhD in physics, and hopefully get a job as a researcher. I honestly have no idea if I can predict anything else.
Biggest Achievement : Getting into UChicago was pretty big.
Biggest Regret: I wish I had gotten to know more people during online school.

Dheeran Wiggins

Future Plans:

  • Double major in math and physics
  • pHD in theoretical condensed matter physics
  • Postdoc @ T10
  • >40 published papers

Biggest Achievement : Abstract Algebra grade >100 goes crazy
Biggest Regret: I should have done my homework in MI4 and BC2/3, GPA took such an unnecessary hit in rather easy classes because I was lazy. Also, taking caffeine pills.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • All nighters w/ the quad.
  • Going to ACC football games.
  • Skipping Homecoming and going to the city (twice).
  • Making a fresh v60 every morning.
  • Russian II with Julia Husen.


Wise Words of Wisdom: “Bro think he Dheeran Wiggins.”

Dhruv Patel

Future Plans: Major in CS / Econ in college, pursue career in computational economics, quant, or computational poli sci. Travel the world, become a freelance videographer, do some Future PlansV racing.
Biggest Achievement: Learning (and breaking) the ISP drone and getting the Casa video out.
Biggest Regret: Not doing Clash drill junior year
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Ramadan banquet
  • Messing around with the drone with Divya and Saketh
  • Chicago trip – clash
  • Clash riddle
  • Prom with isp
  • Graduation
  • E/m SSS
  • Hunger games
  • Debate State / Nats with Oliver Ni
  • Senior practices


Wise Words of Wisdom: What’s the worst that could happen?

Divya Choudhary

Future Plans: I want to major in biology and neuroscience, and eventually go to med school and specialize in neurobiology. In ten years, I will probably still be in college or doing my residency to become a doctor.
Biggest Achievement : I think my biggest accomplishment is being able to manage everything that goes on in my life at IMSA and at home simultaneously.
Biggest Regret: I regret not spending enough time making new friends with the entire Class of 2023.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Staying up with quadmates with the weirdest convos
  • Graduation
  • Prom
  • Seeing everyone again at the beginning of senior year
  • Luau last year
  • Friday fest


Wise Words of Wisdom: Enjoy life while you are here. Everyone emphasizes that what you should do is study and get good grades, but also have fun and participate in many things.

Dorrie Peters

Future Plans: Going to college to study cs and sociology.
Biggest Achievement: Winning the Compusci Hinger Games
Biggest Regret: No regrets
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Monopoly deal tournaments in Staci’s office
  • Friendsgiving in my dorm
  • Working events for ISP


Wise Words of Wisdom: It’s never that deep!

Edgar Carlos

Future Plans: Become an engineer, get a job, do cool stuff with that job. Get payed and travel the world.
Biggest Achievement: Not getting ran over.
Biggest Regret: Give out more hugs.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Running a marathon.
  • Getting 2nd place in the 2022 FRC midwestern regionals.
  • Taking 360 shots.
  • Finding my long lost brother.
  • Getting tropical smoothies.
  • Group walks with the insta 360 camera.
  • Grinding a research paper for Conflict with Sam.
  • Getting proposal by Elon Musk
  • Playing that one game that involves a murder and a detective with the goofy group
  • Orchard walks with goofy group.


Wise Words of Wisdom: Live life without the fear of not knowing.


Future Plans: Money $$$
Biggest Achievement: Developed stronger social skills
Biggest Regret: Prioritizing the wrong things at times.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Staying up until 4am with seniors junior year
  • 9 bar trips
  • Syrup trip
  • Clash 2022
  • France


Wise Words of Wisdom: Do it for the plot, live how you want, because it’s your life. Find beauty and fun in everything.

Elaina Xiao

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Mixing lemonade, pink lemonade, and sprite.
  • Winning talent show.
  • Remaking the mural in one day.
  • Gfriend.
  • Friends throwing me a surprise birthday party.
  • 9Bar Halloween contest.
  • Moving in junior year.
  • Crying after clash with all of 03.
  • Walking through the puddles.
  • Prom 2023.


Wise Words of Wisdom: YOLO (you only live once :D)

Elizabeth Nyamwange

Future Plans: Have fun in college, surround myself with great people, visit a lot of cool places, and get the most out of the college experience. Travel a lot, hope to start a tech company.
Biggest Achievement: Honestly nothing in particular. I think I learned how to fail, and learned a lot about my personality. I became the opposite of a people pleaser and perfectionist, and it’s something I’m proud of.
Biggest Regret: Maybe participating more when I was a junior. I was so focused on out of school activities, I forgot to enjoy the memories I could make at that point in time.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • First Diwali
  • Basically living in my friends room
  • Sitting in my RC office and ranting
  • My Mandarin class


Wise Words of Wisdom: Have no shame I suppose, embarrassment is a choice.

Ella Mixer

Future Plans: I plan to major in chemistry and pursue a career in medicinal chemistry
Biggest Achievement : My C-wing star of the week
Biggest Regret: I regret taking BC calculus, I would have been way happier in AB
Most Memorable Moments: Six flags
Wise Words of Wisdom: Live Mas – Taco Bell

Ella Slinn

Future Plans: I plan to be done with school and have a job in computer science. Other than that, no clue!
Biggest Achievement : I’m the most proud of the drama club shows we’ve put on and the friendships I’ve made.
Biggest Regret: I wish I would’ve joined things earlier.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Movie nights with justina
  • Parties with the quad
  • Noises Off tech week
  • Walks on access
  • Late night homework with boris and justina
  • Teaching the sophs the 02 chant


Wise Words of Wisdom: It’s really not that serious. I promise you will survive and thrive no matter what.

Ella Voyles

Future Plans: I aspire to be a pediatric surgeon or oncologist. In the next 10 years, I will attend UIUC with a degree in biology, and medical school, wherever that may be.
Biggest Achievement: I am most proud that I made it through IMSA without a single all-nighter.
Biggest Regret: I wish I would have been a little more involved with things on campus such as culture shows.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Late nights hanging out or watching movies with my quad
  • Senior year clash week
  • Eating Sushi Pirate on 05 hill
  • Singing songs on the bus home from a volleyball game and the bus breaking down
  • Last volleyball game
  • Screaming Taylor Swift at homecoming
  • Prom
  • Graduation


Wise Words of Wisdom: No matter what happens in life, be good to people.

Ethan Dawes

Future Plans: After graduating from IMSA, I plan to study computer science in college. I think it’d be very cool to work at a big tech company like Google, but we’ll see where we go.
Biggest Regret: I really regret not doing more stuff COVID year. I feel like I missed out on a lot of connections with people and I can hardly remember what I did.
Most Memorable Moments: My most memorable moment was when I made an online scavenger hunt and sent it anonymously to someone, where the goal was to figure out who sent it and each puzzle gave a clue on who sent it.
Wise Words of Wisdom: I’d say that the best thing about IMSA is the students and the teachers, so make the most of that and get to know some of them well.


Future Plans: I’m planning on finishing out college with an engineering master’s degree and then going into the Air National Guard. I also plan to start a startup and work towards creating a successful business.
Biggest Achievement: Graduating!
Biggest Regret: Not doing SIR
Most Memorable Moments: It’s probably going to be Prom or Senior Banquet.

Fiona Kriner

Future Plans: Graduate college, work a job, keep a mint plant in a plant pot, make an impressive-looking cake, write 12 poems, and volunteer regularly in a soup kitchen.
Biggest Achievement: Recovered considerably from depression.
Biggest Regret: Told my friends that I loved them.
Most Memorable Moments: “Do you believe in souls?” – Me, to my science partner in Evolution, Biodiversity, and Ecology; repeated by both of us (and also the teacher) in the best contexts
Wise Words of Wisdom: No one earned the right to exist.

Frederick Meents IV

Future Plans: Graduate college, get a job, get married, buy a house, have kids
Biggest Achievement: I didn’t die of a heat stroke when my roommate changed the thermostat.
Biggest Regret: I wish I tried harder sometimes, I should have joined an SIR.
Most Memorable Moments: Ultimate frisbee tournament.
WWW It’s really hard to fail if you genuinely try.

George Bayliss

Future Plans: UIUC (Harvard?) -> Major in Physics + Math -> PhD in Particle Physics. Hopefully working on publishing a book.
Biggest Achievement : Surviving Theory of Analysis and CompuSci in the same semester.
Biggest Regret: I regret not trying very hard throughout sophomore year.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • CompuSci Hunger Games
  • Getting a 120% crane in Engineering
  • Tutoring Dean E. in ABS past midnight in exchange for Ramen


Wise Words of Wisdom: Live a consistent life. Your actions from one day to another should never contradict each other without a good reason.

Grace Daum

Future Plans: In 10 years, I’ll have graduated from a beautiful college with a degree in biochem and be in my residency for heart surgery. I hope to be somewhere on the upper east coast and have at least one dog.
Biggest Achievement : My hall won Clash my senior year and I got over some stage fright and participated in 3 drill events this year. My friends and I also mastered the tricky IMSA toaster ovens.
Biggest Regret: I wish I would’ve met my senior friends sooner! I got shafted to 1507 junior year, so I missed out on a lot of events and just the true IMSA experience because of the culture of 1507.
Wise Words of Wisdom: Just do it.

Halimat Snausi

Biggest Achievement : Not dropping! I really thought about it for so long but I’m glad I stuck it out with my friends.
Biggest Regret: Not gaining more confidence sooner.
Most Memorable Moments: Staying up all night with my fake quad just talking.

Himani Kamineni

Future Plans: I hope to major in computational biology in the hopes of doing bioinformatics research. I want to become a physician-scientist and perhaps even a professor at a medical school.
Biggest Achievement: I am proud of how hard I’ve worked to achieve my goals and how much time I’ve spent on the people and activities I really care about.
Biggest Regret: I regret not spending time with people in junior year and just grinding work all day. I wish I had spent more time hanging out with friends back then.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Winning 2023 Clash Drill with my hall (1503)
  • Winning 2023 Clash Talent Show with my hall (1503)
  • Graduation
  • Prom 2023
  • Hanging out with my friends after 10 check
  • Fire Alarms in 1503 going off at random times
  • Sink Getting Taken Away in Wing
  • Slab Party
  • Cheering for my teammates during swim meets
  • Shaking an egg (percussion instrument) during pep band


Wise Words of Wisdom: Your biggest competitor is yourself. I always work towards being a better version of myself rather than trying to compete with others.

Ilan Lunken

Future Plans: I plan to get my bachelors and masters in Mechanical Engineering and then get a job where I can help design solutions to climate change.
Biggest Achievement : I’m proud that I worked to build a compact wind turbine and our research was published.
Biggest Regret: I regret not putting aside more time to hang out with friends and making every day special.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Homecoming
  • Robotics competition
  • Casa De La Luna
  • Pep rally
  • All of Clash


Wise Words of Wisdom: Do something new every day to make every day special.


Biggest Regret: Not thanking my teachers enough especially since my two favorite teachers (Dr. Davis and Julia Husen) left before I could truly show my appreciation for their work
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Concussion between 03 and 04
  • Homecoming
  • Lexington meetings
  • Singing yagada malinka

Irene Sooah Park

Future Plans: I want to continue my sex ed and gender equity work, possibly going into law after undergrad to tackle systemic discrimination. I’m hoping to live anywhere but the midwest :)
Biggest Achievement : I helped implement sex ed at IMSA!! I was also able to find my passion for comprehensive sex education and advocacy.
Biggest Regret: Rooming with Sophia Syed (I’m jk, I love you)
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Making gingerbread houses with the quad
  • Crying over mvc every day in first semester
  • Casa de La Luna
  • 7:00 am bus rides to speech
  • Clash drill
  • Graduating


Wise Words of Wisdom: Advil solves many problems

Jack Morby

Future Plans: I plan to graduate from college with CS degree (maybe get masters too), get a job, run a marathon, find love, eat great food, travel to Spain (abroad or on my own), and keep up with friends.
Biggest Achievement: I am most proud of getting a good grade on a BCII test and then being called by the teacher the “curve buster,” publicly. (:
Biggest Regret: I regret not bidding on the campus parking spot. Not actually buying it of course (that would be silly), but definitely wish I was part of raising its price so high.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Having fun on campus before a semester starts
  • Hearing birds in the morning after all-nighter
  • Senior Sunrise
  • 2022 Prom (going down the water slides)
  • Jazz concert in Casa de la Luna (Cowboy Bebop went hard)
  • Mod Phys/Compu Sci Finals
  • Picnics in the good weather
  • Sunsets, any one of them (:


Wise Words of Wisdom: You are what you habitually do, so whether it is working out, listening to music, or anything under the sun, stay conscious of these actions.

Jackie Zhang

Future Plans: Go to college and transfer to Northwestern, become a pharmacist, and move to Europe to live permanently with my boyfriend
Biggest Achievement : Made a lot of meaningful friends that i care about, even after they graduate(d)
Biggest Regret: Coming to IMSA my sophomore year when it was entirely online, wish it was not
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Prom 2022
  • Graduation
  • Prom 2023
  • Lunar 2022


Wise Words of Wisdom: Whatever happens will be what it is

Jackson Halstead

Future Plans: For the future, it’s pretty up in the air right now. I hope that I have a stable job somewhere, ideally in the marine biology field. I’d love to be working out in the field as well.
Biggest Achievement : Being HCC of the best hall on campus, and seeing how hard 1507 worked to get 06th place in Clash.
Biggest Regret: Not doing any internships or SIRs
Most Memorable Moments: 23’s pep rally went pretty hard, trying to pull an all-nighter and giving up
Wise Words of Wisdom: You can always bounce back. Just get up, keep positive, and learn. It’ll get better, promise.

Jacob Holloway

Future Plans: I plan to major in Computer Science and pursue a career in Cybersecurity.
Biggest Achievement: Impressing Dr. Kotlarcyzk.
Biggest Regret: Not making full use of my Junior year.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Having late night LAN parties in an empty room
  • Sledding down the hill by the pond
  • Going to see Creed 3
  • Myers’ first semester Stress Management class
  • Eysturlid learning slang
  • Prom


Wise Words of Wisdom: Whatever happens, happens.


Most Memorable Moments:

  • Diwali x Harambee
  • Casa de la Luna
  • Clash 2023
  • Clash 2022
  • Past midnight conversations with my roommate
  • Holi
  • Garba
  • Late night zoom calls soph year
  • Doing people’s mehndi
  • Access walks


Wise Words of Wisdom: Trust yourself and live your life how you want to

Jared Dong

Future Plans: Find happiness.
Biggest Achievement: The friends I made.
Biggest Regret: Coming here.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Clash
  • Chess State
  • Casa de Luna
  • Every Chicago trip
  • D wing up quad sleepovers
  • Access walks
  • 225 bench
  • Prom
  • Graduation


Wise Words of Wisdom: “Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one.” – Marcus Aurelius.

Jason Qin

Future Plans: Not sure yet about college or major, but I definitely hope to continue doing STEM education and research!
Biggest Achievement: I am proud to have gotten to know so many amazing people at IMSA and had the courage to try out new things.
Biggest Regret: My Biggest Regret is losing connections with some of my peers and alumni from Sophomore year to now.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Winning Quiz Bowl State, Scobol Solo 2022, and having fun in Atlanta for Nationals
  • Online HouseParty calls (and mic unmutes during Spanish) during Sophomore year
  • Homecoming 2022
  • Recording daily videos for “Samuel Go daily insights”
  • Performing with IMSA Chamber Strings cellos for “Robin Hood Changes his Oil”
  • 1504 Clash of the Halls 2022
  • Teaching for ALLIES Summer@IMSA and “Fun with Fractals”
  • post-it notes on Cello case
  • Playing “Un Pollito Pio” and Duck, Duck, Goose during LEAD class
  • Playing Exploding Kittens with hallmates


Wise Words of Wisdom: The best part about life is that you define it for yourself. The world will continue in its story, but you can always contribute a verse.

Jayant Kumar

Future Plans: I will probably be commissioning into the Air Force as an officer, through an AFROTC scholarship or the Air Force Academy. I want to be a pilot, so that means a 10ish year commitment in the Air Force.
Biggest Achievement: Making some good friends(especially the quad)!!
Biggest Regret: Not making any efforts during online-sophomore year to make friends.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • First ever Friday Fest
  • Submitting all of my college apps last minute with the quaaad
  • All nighters with the quad (especially the night Dhruv came back from Japan)
  • The overall cross country experience was really fun
  • Arbuz in Russian 2 with Julia


Wise Words of Wisdom: literally nothing matters so no matter what you’re chilling

Jazmyne Germo

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Laughing at Cinderella 2 during a movie night with my quadmates
  • Hoco 2022
  • Me running away from Jason after he hoco proposed to me
  • Casa de la Luna
  • Hall decs prep for Clash 2023
  • SEAMS 2022
  • Laying down on top of the hill
  • Marching around the school as a phalanx with 1st mod Conflict class during Halloween of my junior year


Jeff Duan

Future Plans: Jeff around and jeff out.
Biggest Achievement: Choreograph for Lunar and Drill.
Biggest Regret: My ass would NOT eat the buldak sauce.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Clash 2022
  • Casa de la luna 2023
  • Walking trips with friends
  • 04 movie


Wise Words of Wisdom: A-are you making fun of me.. That’s it.. I’m done playing Mr. Nice Guy.. The demon is consuming me.

Jesse Park

Future Plans: I plan to receive a masters in mechanical engineering, as well as an MBA. After that, I may go into industry or pursue a PhD. Eventually I would like to start my own business once I am prepared.
Biggest Achievement: I am most proud of being the first chair trumpet player for the ILMEA Allstate Honors Band for my senior year. All that practicing finally paid off.
Biggest Regret: I regret not having higher board positions in clubs. I also wish I had done olympiads or other external academic competitions.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Dancing in culture shows, especially Modern
  • Visits with Dana Ginnett
  • Going to Chicago for Homecoming 2022
  • Winning Clash Drill in 2022
  • Virtual Moving and Learning Zumba Classes
  • AP Week, not for a good reason
  • Hooping with Profe Kaluza in Spanish V
  • Dr. Fogel’s crazy poses
  • Hearing crying and sniffling during the Calc Based Physics Mechanics Final Exam


Wise Words of Wisdom: The only thing you can control in life is your effort. You cannot always control the outcome, as they are affected by factors outside of your control.


Future Plans: Being out of Illinois !!
Biggest Achievement: Learned how to do my makeup in the Security Desk bathroom.
Biggest Regret: Online sophomore year, being in-person instead.
Most Memorable Moments: Clash 2022.
Wise Words of Wisdom: It’s never that serious.


Future Plans: Become a court reporter and travel a lot
Biggest Achievement : I discovered a lot about myself that I wouldn’t have if not for IMSA
Biggest Regret: Take more walking trips because they are so memorable.
Most Memorable Moments: Clash, always Clash.
Wise Words of Wisdom: Don’t spend all your time studying for the future, enjoy the present while you have it.

Karina Byers

Future Plans: Not really sure, but I want to go into a finance career, as well as continue to pursue filmmaking.
Biggest Achievement: I thing just going through IMSA was my biggest accomplishment.
Biggest Regret: Not asking or help when I needed it.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • I have many but that includes
  • Hanging out with/meeting so many nice people
  • Being an RSL and helping with move-in


Wise Words of Wisdom: Be Yourself :)

Keerthi Panchagnula

Future Plans: Get a biochemistry major, do good in pre-med, take the MCAT, go to med school, become a surgeon. In that process, find a boyfriend, get married and maybe have a kid.
Biggest Achievement : I got to know more about myself and who I best interact with. I think my biggest accomplishment is having confidence in myself, something I didn’t have before coming here.
Biggest Regret: Taking Modern Physics during my junior year is literally my Biggest Regret. I love the class but I literally killed myself in that class. I would have rather taken it in senior year.
Most Memorable Moments: Staying up all night with my quad is literally my favorite moment I have from this place.
Wise Words of Wisdom: You are a wonderful, strong person that will be able to accomplish whatever it is that is needed to be done.

Kelly Cruz

Future Plans: I am enrolled in SIUE’s CEP Pharmacy program, so, in six years, I will be a pharmacist. The other four I reckon will be filled getting the hang of the whole doctor thing.
Biggest Achievement: Being ambitious. I tried a lot of new things at IMSA, some I regret, but for the most part, I am glad I got to learn more about the world and myself.
Biggest Regret: Taking BC Calculus, applying to so many safeties, and sacrificing my health for good grades.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Playing spoons for the entire first week on campus junior year
  • Finishing my Orgo final and feeling proud
  • Walking in the snow for two hours and then crying on the bathroom floor right after
  • Creating the painting hung in the DEI Office
  • Drinking two five hour energies in the same day
  • MCing a culture show


Wise Words of Wisdom: Everything works out

Kenith Taukolo

Future Plans: I want to attend graduate school in a big city, where I’d be able to make friends and work a job with work from home and flexible hours as a benefit.
Biggest Achievement: My biggest accomplishment at IMSA is winning first place for 1503 for Talent Show. Elaina and I worked really hard, and I was glad to see it pay off!
Biggest Regret: My Biggest Regret at IMSA was not being friends with a lot of upperclassmen when I was a sophomore/junior. I think they had a lot of advice to give!
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Walking back from Home Depot with 8ft long PVC pipes for Casa de la Luna
  • Swinging at night behind 02
  • Going on sunset walks on access
  • Riding the motorized animals at carnival
  • Mall trips
  • Tea time Tuesday
  • Getting free pancakes at iHop
  • Isp photoshoots
  • Running the @ismafoodbussin account for 3 months
  • Prom! (duh)


Wise Words of Wisdom: YOLO! You only live once, so if you’re on the fence about doing something, just do it! (unless you could die, of course.)

Kevin Huang

Future Plans: I am unsure of what I am going to do in the future, but soon I hope to explore the world and meet new people while studying computer science.
Biggest Achievement: Organizing a moshpit but forgetting the speakers
Biggest Regret: Not talking more with the upperclassmen
Most Memorable Moments:

  • All nighter hackathon with friends
  • FRC Iowa pool nights
  • Clash 2023
  • Ice Spice sleepover
  • Hoco 2022
  • Prom 2023
  • hackIMSA month-long frenzy
  • shirtless sledding
  • Casa de Luna
  • Flunking Mod Phys night tests


Wise Words of Wisdom: You should not be satisfied if you are the kind of person for everyone to understand.

Kevin Johnson

Future Plans: I should be a physician by then working wherever, I’m working. I hope to have plenty of research projects and manuscripts published. I hope to have created noticeable change for my community also.
Biggest Achievement: I broke out of my shell, and I’m not as closed off and introverted as I used to be.
Biggest Regret: I wish I would have tried harder with some people. But other than that I have no regrets, I have no shame.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Harambee 2022
  • Having mental breakdowns the night before my Orgo test
  • Ujamaa
  • Skating with Janelle
  • Graduation
  • Diwali X Harambee
  • Playing in mud in Microbes and Disease
  • Getting food poisoning

Wise Words of Wisdom:

  • It is what it is
  • I don’t even care no more
  • Being normal is boring
  • What other people say about you is none of your business.


Kevin Lemus

Future Plans: Go premed and become a dermatologist I also want to use my engineering background to make technology for skin conditions.
Biggest Achievement: Passing math
Biggest Regret: Taking BC instead of AB.
Wise Words of Wisdom: It is what it is.

Kevin Zhang

Future Plans: Go to college, have fun, get a job at big tech or quant, maybe write a few papers if I decide to go to academia.
Biggest Achievement : Understood what it truly meant to be a leader, also runner up is the USAPhO Bronze Medal last year (+ qual this year too)
Wise Words of Wisdom: Keep moving forward. Especially in the face of fear, regret, loss, and failure. Don’t stop until your goal is accomplished, and don’t look back.

Liam Indigo

Future Plans: I plan to take two paths during college: Writing creatively and in some way tending plants weather it be a greenhouse or a forest preserve. Writing for a living is my dream.
Biggest Achievement: My largest accomplishment is having a few of my poems accepted and published by IMSA publications. Its a tiny step but it made my dreams seem a lot more possible.
Biggest Regret: I regret hiding away in my room and my wing for most of junior year, If I could do anything differnt it would be trying to be more social earlier on.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Huge Picnic
  • 1st clash
  • cheese on top of the burger
  • Fridge time and assorted signs
  • Drama Club Sardines
  • Clash 2022
  • Homecoming 202
  • 4am antics


Lily Powell

Future Plans: I would like to get a degree in biological sciences and become a marine biologist. Most realistically, I’ll be living in Hawaii or South Carolina to do this. I’d love to own my own home.
Biggest Achievement : My biggest accomplishment during my time at IMSA is actually making it through all three years.
Biggest Regret: I don’t really think I have any regrets from my time at IMSA. Everything I did let me learn something, even if it sucked in the moment.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Screaming with my roommate every time we get back from extendeds
  • Gossiping with the RC’s after 10 check every night


Wise Words of Wisdom: If your homework isn’t done by midnight, it won’t be. Just go to bed.

Lily Song

Future Plans: Being happy (hopefully with a cat).
Biggest Achievement: Sleeping at 12 almost everyday during Junior year, meal prepping 90% of Junior year, making the best friends, not taking things too seriously, and getting involved in clubs that I genuinely love.
Biggest Regret: Not getting close with more people during Junior year
Most Memorable Moments:

  • LUNARR/Casa de la Luna/all of the culture shows. From having way too many dance practices to putting the shows on <3
  • Conversations with the quad + Yina that last until we’re half asleep (Taylor Swift, snacks, and female rage included)
  • Stressing about fundraising for Prom for 3 years but having it work out in the end
  • All ASIA meetings and events
  • ITALYY !! and all the things that happened there :D…
  • Being so involved in clash this year
  • Getting past the 98 I needed on my BC1 final
  • Frantic orgo 2 study sessions in Kopff’s office minutes before the test
  • Any and all access walks


Wise Words of Wisdom: Don’t be scared to do things out of your comfort zone!

Liz Carlson

Future Plans: I want to work in any field related to animals-whether it be veterinary, ecological, biological, or conservation science related.
Biggest Achievement: Winning Clash two times in a row!
Biggest Regret: Not being able to do anything sophomore year.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Being with my friends in the wing commons 24/7
  • COTH 22&23
  • Friendsgiving in the wing
  • Whenever RC Luis led res life
  • Wednesdays after SIR ended


Wise Words of Wisdom: Despite everything, it’s still me :)

Luis Hernandez Aguirre

Biggest Achievement : Surviving Kevin Lim
Biggest Regret: Over-commitment
Most Memorable Moments: Clash 2022 Pep Rally
Wise Words of Wisdom: Guess what? I have a sad story too. No One Cares. Work Harder.

Maame Afua

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Walking trips with my friend
  • Sitting in IN2 doing absolutely nothing
  • Walking on access road at night with my friends


Wise Words of Wisdom: Do not let anyone define who you are!!

Marcelle Mbende

Future Plans: To get into medical school and match with a good residency program with the plan of becoming an anesthesiologist.
Biggest Achievement: Raising my grade by 15% in one quarter.
Biggest Regret: Not getting closer to more people.
Most Memorable Moments: Trolling the Seniors last year and getting in trouble.
Wise Words of Wisdom: Keep going.

Matthew Svatora

Future Plans: In 10 years I see myself working at either NASA or SpaceX with a degree in aerospace engineering.
Biggest Achievement: My proudest accomplishment at IMSA is getting tricked into joining the Swim Team by my quadmate and sticking with it for both of my years on campus.
Biggest Regret: My Biggest Regret is not making stronger connections with faculty members.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Clash 2022
  • Clash 2023
  • Hoco 2022
  • Drinking a gram of caffeine before starting an essay.
  • Eating two ramens for every single day for two weeks straight during swim season.
  • Watching all of Stone Ocean in one sitting with half of my wing and then getting in trouble for violating in-room.
  • Going on walks everyday with friends when it was warm out.
  • Going to my hometown of Bloomington with my roommate (who also lives in Bloomington) and the Esports Team to
    shoutcast for the IHSA Rocket League State Finals


Wise Words of Wisdom: Participate in clash, make friends with your wing.

Mauricio Ortiz

Future Plans: I hope to become a software engineer and be able to make myself happy.
Biggest Achievement : Just coming to terms with myself and what i want to do in the future even if it deviates a little
Biggest Regret: Friends that i ended up hurting, people that I got involved with that I shouldn’t have and people I wish I could still talk to that I no longer can
Most Memorable Moments: Talking with my friends late at night playing games and having fun.
Wise Words of Wisdom: You don’t get to choose the people you meet, so make the best of the good ones.

Maya Sanchez

Future Plans: I hope to become a doctor, probably a pediatrician. I want to be able to help people because serving others is something I enjoy and I can’t wait to make a positive impact.
Biggest Achievement: I didn’t give up on my other passions during my time here at IMSA. I’ll probably minor and Art and try to get on the soccer team in college.
Biggest Regret: Probably starting every essay that was I ever assigned a wee amount of hours before the due time. I also wish I had more time fall/spring for walks on Access.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • The picnic with him on April 10th.
  • Staying up doing shenanigans with Mia before realizing it’s 4am.
  • Our supremely stealthy night adventures getting interrupted by a goose.
  • The 06 Fire Alarm of 2022 ;-;
  • Late-night soccer Open Gyms with the gang.
  • Walking to and from Target with a 24-bottle case of waters.
  • Free mods with Minerva :3
  • Getting my work hung up in Dr. E’s room >.<
  • Everyone simultaneously watching the World Cup in the hallways during school.
  • Prom and every moment spent with him.


Most Memorable Moments: Ponte las pilas y échale ganas. Get it together & give it your all. It gets nuts, remember why you’re here and try your best to thank yourself later.

Megan Sia

Future Plans: I’m hoping to have a good job and maintain good relationships with my friends at IMSA!
Biggest Achievement : I think when I went skating for half a block!
Biggest Regret: I wish I took AB Calculus.
Most Memorable Moments: I loved participating in the culture dances!
Wise Words of Wisdom: Reach out. Whether it’s for math homework help or hanging out with friends, I’m glad that I put myself out there by reaching out to others!

Melanie Cuenca

Future Plans: Keep studying computer science. Probably focus more on computer graphics and maybe make my own game. Also, make money and move to Switzerland!
Biggest Achievement: Taking two tests with 0 hours of sleep junior year.
Biggest Regret: Not joining the culture shows earlier. I wish I could have done more :(
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Clash 2023.
  • Dancing in 03 B Wing after programming.
  • Fire alarm going off at 3 AM.
  • SCRJ Springfield Trip.


Wise Words of Wisdom: If you cant avoid it, enjoy it.


Future Plans: I see myself pursing an Astrophysics major to become a researcher for a space center. During my free time, I would like to travel around the world explore different places and cultures.
Biggest Achievement: I wasn’t late to my 1st mod class for a whole week.
Biggest Regret: I wish I spent less time on academic work and instead use that time to hang out with friends or pick up new hobbies.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • All Nighters to watch movies
  • Ordering food and spending time with friends
  • Graduation
  • Prom


Wise Words of Wisdom: Don’t do anything you will regret.

Michael Y.

Future Plans: Get a job, find a wife, maybe kids, graduate college.
Biggest Achievement : Passing every class.
Biggest Regret: Experience my original highschool till the end. I wish I could have done both.
Most Memorable Moments: Yelling across the gap of the hall to other wings at 2:00am last year.
Wise Words of Wisdom: It’s easy to find faults in everything around you but it takes real self reflection and discipline to find faults in yourself.

Michelle Li

Future Plans: Plans for the next 10 years include graduating from college, getting a cat, having a garden, and enjoying the future as much as possible.
Biggest Achievement: Biggest accomplishment was finding what I was truly passionate about (and managing to move both IMSA wardrobes by myself).
Biggest Regret: Not taking advantage of all the social opportunities and focusing too much on classes. If I could turn back time, I’d participate in every event that I could have to meet as many people at IMSA.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Sledding down the hill behind 05
  • Trying every drink option mixed together in Lexington
  • Every IMSA sunset
  • Clash 2023
  • Have a midnight listening party for Midnights
  • Picnicking with my quad in our room
  • Every Culture Show
  • Making snow angels at night by 07


Wise Words of Wisdom: Take the time to recognize history, whether your own or of others. Visit
IMSA’s Archives if you can! There’s a whole world waiting for you in there.

Michelle Sun

Wise Words of Wisdom: The master has failed more times than the student has even tried.

Nandana Varma

Future Plans: I hope that I will be in grad school pursuing a Ph.D. program in a biology related field, and working to improve cancer therapy techniques through research.
Biggest Achievement: I am really proud of the way I treat and care for the people around me and I’m proud of myself for finding my people, and making meaningful connections here at IMSA.
Biggest Regret: I could’ve been more careful about putting my energy where it was appreciated, and not allowing people to use me or make me feel smaller than I am.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Senior week with last year’s upperclassmen
  • Staying up with Aaliyah before every important event to simply laugh and talk
  • After 10-check vibes with Aaliyah and Shreya senior year
  • Making Sriracha bagels with 02 B wing and bonding with underclassmen
  • Studying at Higgs Boson junior year
  • Mexico Intersession
  • CLASH of the Halls 2022 and 2023
  • My promposal this year
  • Graduation!


Wise Words of Wisdom: Nothing’s really that deep, it is what it is :)

Nikita Rudrapati

Future Plans: I plan to major in computer engineering. In the future, hopefully become a elementary school teacher.
Biggest Achievement: The friendships I made along the way
Biggest Regret: Not participating in enough clash events. Not staying enough weekends.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Coming up with cool fist bumps with upperclassmen.
  • Dancing with my friends for the culture shows.
  • Exploring downtown Chicago.


Wise Words of Wisdom: Smile and wave hi to someone in the hallway

Nomar Martin

Future Plans: Master’s in Civil engineering, work and save for a bit and work my way to having the experience to become an architectural and engineering manager, move to Toronto, and live with my 2 cats.
Biggest Achievement: Choreoing Cumbia, for my first choreo experience it went extremely well. Yareli was super fun to work with, we had an amazing song line up, I loved all of our participants, and I expressed my culture.
Biggest Regret: Not doing more science related things. Work from other clubs and classes made it difficult to find the motivation to do things like SIR or extra science courses, and I’m now realizing what I missed.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Weekend picnic with my friends
  • 01 B-Wing Chicago trip (sorry for almost losing you Christian)
  • 01 B-Wing watching Squid Game
  • 01 B-Wing Bowling Trip
  • Casa de la Luna
  • Being squished into the science study for 01 drill last year
  • Leading 01 drill this year
  • Late night Studio Ghibli
  • Robotics team hotel nights
  • Senior year welcome week


Wise Words of Wisdom: Everything will work out in the end. That one BC test or Eysturlid reading you didn’t do well on isn’t gonna matter in the future.

Nooriyah Doriwala

Future Plans: In 10 years, I see myself living in another country (hopefully by the ocean and with a big fluffy dog) having gained a lot of random skills, interesting stories, and most importantly amazing people.
Biggest Achievement: My biggest accomplishment is probably just surviving IMSA and having grown from all the challenges. Learning to adopt the laugh now cry layer mentality.
Biggest Regret: If I could turn back the clock – I’d say hi and introduce myself to unfamiliar people at all times in the school year – not just the start.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Playing cards by the bonfire during our first welcome week, seeing everyone dressed up in Indian clothes for diwali.
  • The entire swim team screaming for each other during meets.
  • Running for studco sophomore year, skateboarding in hoco clothes.
  • Meeting my now closest friends for the first time in the grass.
  • Running and blasting music at night in the rain.
  • Waving out smoke from birthday candles in a panic in the dorms.
  • Drinking chai with my honorary twin.
  • Skipping class to play in the snow and go sledding with friends.


Wise Words of Wisdom: My current motto is: Laugh now Cry later. Life feels so short and the time to get to be a teenager is even shorter.

Patrick Andrei Tenedor

Future Plans: Graduate college with my degree, find stable work while pursuing my own business ventures. Tend to my hobbies and cultivate them more into things I could monetize. Read more using the time I have.
Biggest Achievement : Explored my personality more, developed a character I can be without shame and embarrassment. I’ve done a lot to get out of my shell and experimented on my passions and times.
Biggest Regret: I had the tendency to be too much, too loud and too out there. I should’ve stepped back more often and realized how overwhelming I can be, for any reason.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Staying out on access and star watching
  • Stopping at people playing instruments outside and listening
  • Cutting hair in hall commons or the old 07 white tent
  • Getting a Reddit post made about me because of a maid outfit
  • Going on trips to prepare gifts for friends
  • Celebrating holidays and birthdays
  • Clash
  • Finding my gender-identity


Wise Words of Wisdom: Before anybody else is anything, they are human, a human with a life and feelings, never take simple respect away from someone.

Payton Wiggins

Future Plans: I plan to go to Western Illinois University and major in Forensic Chemistry and receive my masters degree within five years. Later – hopefully working in the FBI and getting married sometime.
Biggest Achievement: I’m most proud of choreographing 07 CLASH drill two years in a row and not getting 07th place this year! 💪💪
Biggest Regret: I wish I put more into my sophomore year and retained some of the knowledge from online. I also regret not participating in more clubs.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Walking trips with friends to 9Bar
  • Ordering mass amounts of food to share with my friends
  • Cooking and enjoying meals with my roommate
  • Staying up till 5 and learning how to Irish Folk Dance
  • Choreographing Clash drill in stunion and wing commons with my co-choreo.


Wise Words of Wisdom: Do what you want in life, not what is expected of you.

Peyton Gutting

Future Plans: In ten years I hope to be through dental school and working somewhere close to a beach.
Biggest Achievement: My biggest accomplishment at IMSA was finding my friends and living life.
Biggest Regret: My Biggest Regret is not taking advantage of SIRs and internships.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • The very first slab party during my junior year.


Wise Words of Wisdom: Don’t take everything too seriously, things always have a way of working themselves out.

Pietro Stabile

Future Plans: Cs major, physics or econ minor at UChicago, cs career if I don’t hate it after 4 years. If I do, law school -> lawyer or politician. Either way, try not to become a sellout.
Biggest Achievement:

  • Meeting many new people and becoming much more social
  • Learning to dance in clash and casa
  • Terrorizing the quaaad
  • Staying pure despite d-wing activities
  • Cars on campus


Biggest Regret:

  • Not reaching out/doing extracurriculars sophomore/early junior year
  • Not getting to know some people sooner/better
  • Not doing culture shows until 2023
  • Way too many college apps


Most Memorable Moments:

  • Nights in d-wing down quad (last year when I was homeless, and this year when pranit was homeless), particularly after dhruv returned from Japan.
  • Prom (unlikely but excellent 05/06 collab), graduation, hoco, clash, casa, etc.
  • All the crazy occurrences in italy, especially that one.
  • Stealing food from a-wing down quad and facing both related and unrelated verbal abuse (also, “hi shane” incident).
  • Film photography.
  • Vinyl album cover hanging and the associated acrobatics.
  • Meeting ucla girl with d-wing upquad + jared + andre.
  • Questionable bfriend practices.
  • Yelling at jayant, being atharva’s backpack, and being very kind to my roommate Dheeran.
  • Pleasant walks, both on and off campus.


Wise Words of Wisdom: Sleep more.

Pranit Guntupalli

Biggest Achievement: Rizzed
Biggest Regret: Rizzed
Most Memorable Moments: Late night talking shit with people junior year
Wise Words of Wisdom: Advayth Pasupathi Let’s roll

Rafael Rotger

Future Plans: Become an Actuary and play DnD
Biggest Achievement: Meeting John Paul Vrooman. He will surely be a lifelong friend, and I’m glad I was able to attend IMSA if just to meet him.
Biggest Regret: Not taking advantage of SIRs sooner. There are a lot of research opporitunities that I neglected, and I believe that it is what makes IMSA different from other schools.
Most Memorable Moments: Staying up until midnight talking to my wingmates and playing Smash Bros
Wise Words of Wisdom: You cannot choose your friends, so appreciate the ones that are good to you.


Future Plans: Be successful enough for my kids to be considered socialite nepo babies.
Biggest Achievement : Being the realest one here.
Biggest Regret: Not talking to more people sophomore year.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Winning Clash 2023
  • Diwali x Harambee
  • Lots of late nights doing nothing and walking trips

Wise Words of Wisdom: Fake it till you make it

Rebecca Liu

Biggest Regret: I regret not being involved in my sophomore year, in both academics and socially. I really wish I had gotten to know some people better virtually.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Walking back from 7/11 and Panera in the pouring rain
  • Writing Tocobelli Factory – Shria: “This this this and this is wrong. Goodnight!”
  • Clash Drill
  • Going on a walking trip and then to a slab bonfire the night a quarter project was due knowing neither of us had
  • Homecoming
  • Getting Dominos pizza with jalapenos and banana peppers and eating it in the white tent while it was raining around one table
  • Playing cards during Welcome Week
  • Every class of ABS with Dr. Crum, honourable mention for the one time Mrs. O’Leary subbed and said “Do you ever take notes?”
  • Hearing the birds chirping at 7:23 am and looking at each other after a double all-nighter and “it still wasn’t enough time”
  • Going on the same Target trip to buy Hoco supplies for each other


Wise Words of Wisdom: There’s always bigger fish out there, such as a threena.

Renaldo Venegas

Future Plans: Go to college, figure out what I want to do – so much cool stuff out there!
Biggest Achievement: Was able to be more confident in myself :)
Biggest Regret: I wish I joined clubs and met more people earlier.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Junior Clash
  • Senior Hoco
  • Ultimate frisbee games before 10 check
  • Late nights in downquad


WWW 行雲流水 – Japanese proverb, you cant control life just like how you cannot with nature – go with the flow!

Revanth Poondru

Wise Words of Wisdom: The best decisions are made through laughter.

Riman Doodin

Future Plans: Honestly, currently debating but I will hopefully finish my chem degree and focus on becoming a surgeon (hopefully)
Biggest Achievement: It has to be having a better sleep schedule that at least 85% of IMSA students. I love my minimum of 7 hours a night <33
Biggest Regret: My Biggest Regret is honestly taking the BC Calculus track. The tears I have cried were not worth the courses.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Quad trips to Orchard and Target
  • Accidentally setting off the fire alarm (well almost)
  • Late night tea sessions with my quad
  • Scream into the Void
  • Casa de la Luna
  • Falling off a stool in French in slow motion


Wise Words of Wisdom: Grades are a toxic ex, so like any red flag in your life, ignore them <33

Rohan Jain

Wise Words of Wisdom: God did.

Ryleigh Jolliff

Future Plans: I plan to attend college on the pre-med track and become a doctor. I am thinking dermatology, OBGYN, or pediatrician. I also hope to be able to start a family after medical school.
Biggest Achievement: I never once got a tier one violation (knock on wood)
Biggest Regret: I regret not talking with a lot of my classmates. There are some cool people I wish I got to know better.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Jumping off the balcony in my wing
  • Lunch with Dr. Eysturlid
  • Sitting in lexington for forever and talking with friends
  • When Blessita microwaved a tortilla for 5 minutes and made the wing smell awful for weeks
  • Prom 2022/2023
  • Hanging out with Stella late at night and singing Kanye songs
  • Graduation
  • The clash talent shows
  • Chicago day trips with my friends
  • Walking trips to Orchard


Wise Words of Wisdom: There will be days that seem impossible until you get them done.

Saamiyah Khan

Future Plans: I want to be content and to love what I’m doing.
Biggest Achievement: Not dropping out (like, seriously).

Sajal Shukla

Future Plans: I want to continue political activism, hopefully go to law school or med school depending on where life takes me, build a good group of friends and family, and have a career that’s important to me.
Biggest Achievement: Getting involved in so many clubs I was genuinely passionate about.
Biggest Regret: Participate in more IMSA events like culture shows and spend more time building meaningful relationships with friends.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Late night conversations with my roommate
  • GEA events and TEDx
  • Staying up way too late and getting up way too early to do MVC homework


Wise Words of Wisdom: Even the worst things come to an end – everything is going to turn out just fine <3

Saketh Dontaraju

Future Plans: Doctor in Residency
Biggest Achievement : I think my biggest accomplishment was leading the Scholastic Bowl team as the captain to win the IHSA State Championship as Illinois is the most competitive state for Quiz Bowl.
Biggest Regret: I wish I enjoyed my time during junior year more.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Holi 2022
  • Prom 2022
  • Diwali 2022
  • Graduation 2022
  • Garba 2023
  • Diwali x Harambee 2023
  • Bagel Party
  • Chicago Trip 2023 for CLASH
  • Atlanta Trip for Scholastic Bowl Nationals
  • IHSA State Championship 2022


Wise Words of Wisdom: Be the “spearhead” of your IMSA experience. While you remain tethered to the physical being of IMSA, you must take responsibility to enjoy yourself.

Samuel Go

Future Plans: Probably going to Williams, though I’m not sure yet. Going to study econ and stats with a focus on urban analysis. Want to become an urban planner one day, maybe even a mayor if I’m really bold.
Biggest Achievement: I realized that my true passions lie in urban planning and design, not in microbiology like I once thought.
Biggest Regret: I wish I could have built closer relationships with the alumni when I got the chance.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Cycling to ATC from IMSA with a Walmart bike and getting my quads destroyed on the way back (I made it back safely)
  • Winning Quizbowl State, having fun at quizbowl nationals in Atlanta and O’Hare
  • Walking all over the city of Chicago as part of my off-campus SIR
  • 1504 Clash 2022
  • Organizing a phalanx with Mod 1 Conflict to ambush Dr. Eysturlid on the Friday before Halloween
  • Getting chased by IMSA geese >:((((
  • Organizing a medley for Lunar 2022 with Dean, Jason, and Emily ’22
  • Ping-pong, arm-wrestling, and Exploding Kittens sessions with my wing
  • Writing a birthday sonnet to my roomie


Wise Words of Wisdom: Live the good life! IMSA is stressful enough as is, so follow your passions, do what you truly love, and get out of the rat race. You won’t regret it.

Sara Kashyap

Future Plans: Graduate college and get a good job
Biggest Achievement : Making it to graduation
Biggest Regret: Not getting to know more people
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Setting off the fire alarm after 10 check with my roommate
  • Dancing in culture shows
  • Late night conversations and laughing with my quad
  • Graduation and Prom


Wise Words of Wisdom: Just keep swimming.

Sarah Wheeler

Biggest Regret: I definitely regret skipping out on making memories in favor of studying. You can always find time to review notes again, but you won’t always be able to have all of your friends in one place.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Clash 2023
  • Welcome Week 2022
  • Taking three-hour long walks with my friends
  • Watching the sunset from the track


Wise Words of Wisdom: As Avatar’s Uncle Iroh said it best, “If you just keep moving, you will come to a better place.”

Shaan Doshi

Future Plans: Travel the world (live in India for a year), get a PhD and tenure track professorship in (possibly) theoretical computer science, play adult hockey, and settle down somewhere nice and warm with a dog.
Biggest Achievement: I succeeded in coding the simulation I built for my SIR last year. I spent a year and a half working on it, and started off as a complete beginner. I enjoyed it so much I switched my major to CS.
Biggest Regret: That I didn’t talk to people (especially upperclassmen) sophomore year. There’s so much I could have been ahead on in terms of course selection, moving up in math, and just IMSA life in general.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • 1505 Clash and Drill last yea
  • Last year Holi (and submitting my SIR paper during it)
  • Going sledding with the Housewives
  • Junior Year Homecoming (and ask)
  • Blowing up a microwave and setting of the fire alarm
  • The math test + yes
  • Last year robotics competition + Atharva falling in the pool
  • Late night soccer and football + sports when its warm outside!
  • Senior dance in Casa de la Luna
  • Every second in the D and A wing down quads these past two years


Wise Words of Wisdom: Always make time to enjoy life and have fun. You’ll always have excuses, but leave no regrets; we’ll never experience IMSA (or any other time) again.

Shanan Riley

Wise Words of Wisdom: Raw dog it 😼

Shiqi Cheng

Future Plans: College => Teaching or selling myself out to industry => Even more life!
Biggest Regret: Being worried about the little things. Sometimes, once something passes, its significance fades rapidly.
Wise Words of Wisdom: For the juniors: College is like Russian roulette, you never know what you’re gonna get.

Shreya Chakraborty

Future Plans: I hope to major in computer science, then pursue an MBA. I want to create my own tech startup to contribute to the equitable education of students with attention deficit disorders.
Biggest Achievement: I’m proud of getting out of my comfort zone to give my very first TEDx talk about my time as an instructor teaching taekwondo to neurodiverse students, advocating for an equitable sports education.
Biggest Regret: I regret being intimidated to talk to my “friend crushes” and wished I could have been more outgoing from the start.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Working tirelessly with JCC/SCC to fund/plan prom
  • Taking sleep shifts every night with my rooMost Memorable Momentsate
  • Planning and participating in Diwali x Harambee
  • The Pencil Run with my Cross Country Team
  • Junior and Senior year Homecoming


Wise Words of Wisdom: Get your money up, not your funny up.

Shria Halkoda

Future Plans: I think in ten years I’ll be living in a big city. New York, Seattle, or maybe even right here in Chicago. I’d have a nice loft home and and few cars from hopefully being in my SWE bag.
Biggest Achievement: I’m most proud of my ability to get to my 1st mod on time after getting up at 7:55.
Biggest Regret: Looking back, I wish I was a little bit more involved during the online year especially when it came to upperclassmen. I made a few 2020 senior friends ofc but I could have made more!
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Crunching CompuSci in A wing DQ
  • Sleeping Over in other Rooms
  • COTH 2021
  • Getting a concussion from slipping on spilled Gatorade.
  • Sleeping with no sheets on my bed bc I’d forgotten them after the extended.


Wise Words of Wisdom: Do your own thing, don’t let the FOMO get the best of you.

Sofia Zasiebida

Future Plans: I want to be an environmental engineer!
Biggest Achievement : I crocheted a whole blanket.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Picnics outside 01
  • Getting ready for pep rally with all my friends


Wise Words of Wisdom: When ordering at Canes always ask for double bread and no coleslaw!

Sridevi Krothapalli

Future Plans: Living in California.
Biggest Achievement: Model UN conferences.
Biggest Regret: Sophomore year regrets from online year.
Most Memorable Moments: Meeting new sophomores as a senior.
Wise Words of Wisdom: You do you.

Steve Dziamentsyeu

Future Plans: Get a degree in actuarial science, get a job in the insurance industry, take over the world, find true love.
Biggest Achievement : Getting a full ride to NIU
Biggest Regret: Not doing an internship
Most Memorable Moments:

  • 9 Bar boba trip with the homies after finals
  • Winning 2023 hall decs as the event head
  • Getting Chipotle after 2022 Clash
  • Seeing people with no dignity cutting the Friday Fest line
  • Talking to my wing’s seniors late at night when I was a junior
  • Eating food at all of the different events
  • Getting a silver medal on the National Spanish Exam
  • Winning math team competitions
  • Putting “sanitized for your safety” stickers on George, Karrick, and some of my teachers


Surya Bhamidi

Future Plans: My Future Plans for the next ten years are to go to university until I get a PhD (hopefully), then become a postdoctoral researcher in physics.
Biggest Regret: I wish I could have been more involved. This would have been a much better way to meet more people, who would have made my IMSA experience better.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Clash pep rally 2023
  • Clash pep rally 2022
  • Countless online science olympiad competitions
  • Quizbowl masonic state 2023
  • The last day of modPhys
  • Graduation
  • Imsaloquium


Wise Words of Wisdom: Don’t procrastinate. Often many assignments and tests are due on the same date, and not procrastinating makes this manageable.

Taylor Baugh

Future Plans: I want to live and study in California. Within 10 years, I want to have an apartment in San Francisco. I will have a job that makes enough to support me with enough free time to explore the city.
Biggest Achievement: I’m proud that I found my way to 1501. I’m so proud of my friends that I made and the community I am a part of. I’m proud of the classes that I took, my research, and my future school.
Biggest Regret: I wish I lived in 1501 for more than a year. I would move to 01 for my junior year, and find my friends who I am so glad I finally met.
Most Memorable Moments: –

  • Indoor and Outdoor with my friends
  • Watching Mulan while pretending to study BC2
  • Last minute Clash prep with my seniors
  • Dancing with my swim team
  • Racing at sectionals and dropping time
  • Emceeing a clash event
  • Thanksgiving in 01C
  • Watching 01’s reaction to winning clash
  • 01 Talent Show 2023
  • Skating at night


Wise Words of Wisdom: Move to 01!

Umi Arora

Future Plans: College!

Venus Obazuaye

Future Plans: I want to become a physician and researcher, studying health equity and improving healthcare for minority (esp Black, Latine, and LGBTQ+ populations) + see the world!
Biggest Achievement: Working on all of the projects through CCE and other clubs, and seeing people happy with the changes we introduce. My favorite is the Hub, and getting to see people happy and comfortable there :)
Biggest Regret: Not having the confidence in myself to pursue large projects and changes on campus earlier. I’m a lot more capable that I initially thought I was
Most Memorable Moments:

  • 03/01 picnic
  • Getting to the finish line on cce/club projects
  • Fake-quad moments from junior year
  • All the culture shows
  • So many more :)


Wise Words of Wisdom: You are a lot more capable than you think you are. Take a chance on yourself :)

Vidhi Shah

Future Plans: I’m majoring in Neuroscience and it’s always been my dream to become a neurosurgeon so my primary goal is to get into Medschool and figure it out from there!
Biggest Achievement: I am so so so happy I came to IMSA, it has been the cauldron of life-lessons and the friendships I’ve made and the many hickups just made me believe in myself more, and I just absolutely love that!
Biggest Regret: Honestly nothing, I believe everything happens for a reason and I am at a place where I have no regrets!
Most Memorable Moments:

  • CLASH 2023333
  • Late-night bridge studies with friends
  • Visiting the temple ever so often
  • Skipping class LOL
  • Going on late-night strolls with special people
  • Cramming Orgo topics an hour before tests in Kopff’s office
  • Sleepovers and watching Hindi movies!!


Wise Words of Wisdom: Be your natural self and discover your hobbies, IMSA has so many oppurtunities and taking advantage of them is so important!

Vikram Karra

Future Plans: I see myself as someone with a lot of confidence, ambition, and a strong interest to pursue something for the rest of my life. I also intend on completing P90X somewhere in between.
Biggest Achievement : I loved watching the LEAD team grow this year and get close with each other. I also loved watching everyone get hype for Clash and witnessing every corner of campus coming together for Pep Rally.
Biggest Regret: There are things I would’ve wished I could do differently, but I won’t be leaving with any regrets. IMSA is a place to grow and I hope everyone took that time to do so.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Watching Netflix at 4 AM with last year’s seniors
  • Brain dead late nights with my quad
  • Early move In
  • 2023 Clash Pep Rally
  • Homecoming


Wise Words of Wisdom: You’ve gotta be willing to fight for what you want (at IMSA and beyond), especially when everyone around you wants it just as badly as you.

Yareli Marinez

Future Plans: I hope that in 10 years I am a doctor or at least on my way to being a doctor. I hope I am still doing work to uplift the Latine community and actively fighting for everything I believe in.
Biggest Achievement: Definitely reopening the Hub. Giving Black and Latine students a place on campus to feel safe to proudly and unapologetically be themselves has made me really proud.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Casa de La Luna
  • Clash 2023
  • Setting off the fire alarm after Casa de Alma
  • Picnic at the Carne Asada for Alma
  • Beating halimat with an inflatable bat
  • Breaking a pinata on my birthday
  • watching kpop videos in the 03 hall commons
  • frequent Council meetings in B wing


Wise Words of Wisdom: Don’t burn yourself out. Taking care of yourslef is not selfish. You are the most important person to take care of.

Yina Wang

Future Plans: Figure out how to reconcile my varied academic interests to create something meaningful (if not pragmatic), spend more time learning from children, adopt a pet and give it a stupidly human name.
Biggest Achievement : I never missed check, learned that nostalgia works best if left untainted, and finally departed the sticky realm of quote-hoarding to create words of my own. One of these is a lie.
Biggest Regret: Letting those around me influence my decisions, words, and beliefs—to the point where I lost sight of myself in the pursuit of friendship.
Most Memorable Moments:

  • Perfecting my ramen-cooking technique.
  • Building a birdhouse.
  • Late nights in Italy with good people, good leftovers, and most importantly, good stories.
  • Completely legal walking trips.
  • Star, moon, sky, bird, and people-watching.
  • Pretending to know dances during rehearsal (and finally actually knowing them afterwards).
  • Purple commutativity, frustrated mathematicians, and angry subgroups.


Wise Words of Wisdom: Life is long, and change is good.

Zander Tamez

Future Plans: Hopefully working for Honda or some other company that I enjoy working for. Lowkey Idk if I planned that far ahead lol I’ll see where I end up after college.
Biggest Achievement : W rizz
Biggest Regret: Not realizing I could bring a skateboard on campus sooner.
Most Memorable Moments: Dancing and making new friends through choreo (culture shows, drill, etc.)
Wise Words of Wisdom: Don’t take life too seriously lol.

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