Sodexo with a Twist

Maria tries a bite of the bread.

Sodexo seems like a place where you walk in, grab some food, and chow down. But is there really more than meets the mouth here? Maria, Deborah, and special guest Marisol headed into Sodexo to “franken” some creations.

Starter: Onion Soup

First off, a warm dish from the soup line. Beef broth from a beef soup was mixed with onions and mushrooms from the salad line, topped with shredded cheese, then microwaved for a minute. On the way to the table, we added croutons and more cheese.

The ingredients before they were microwaved into deliciousness.

The ingredients before they were microwaved into deliciousness.

Maria and Marisol try their first bite.

Maria and Marisol try their first bite.


A picture of the soup in all its glory.

A picture of the soup in all its glory.

Rating: 9.8

Maria: It was a bit salty from all the mix-ins, but I would eat it again.

Deborah: The soup was very good. I liked the add ins (onions and mushrooms) with the broth. I would definitely get this again.

Marisol: Was that Sodexo?! A little salty at the end but still delicious.

Entree: Salad Sandwich

As an entree, we prepared a sandwich to outdo all others. We piled ham, tomatoes, spinach, eggs, and carrots onto focaccia, then drizzled some balsamic dressing on the whole deal.

The sandwich.

The sandwich.

Deborah tries out this monster.

Deborah tries out this monster as Marisol looks on.


Rating: 8.9

Maria: We used too much ham. Way too much ham. I’m never putting eggs on a sandwich  ever again. Putting balsamic vinaigrette on the bread was pretty good.

Deborah: I am always a fan of eggs but to most others, I would suggest laying off the eggs. The sandwich was very good and the seasoning was a nice touch. This is definitely a go-to if the other choices aren’t satisfactory.

Marisol: Pretty good; The variety of veggies made it taste healthy and filling.


Bread Item: Seasoned Fluffy Bread

In a bowl, we  mixed olive oil (from the salad bar), buttery spread (by the toaster), Parmesan cheese, bread dipping seasoning, and red pepper flakes, then slathered it on the other half of our bread.

The ingredients, before preparation.

The ingredients, before preparation.

Rating: 10

Maria: This looked gross since the Parmesan didn’t mix with the olive oil and it was a bit messy, so I recommend dipping it. That said, this was pretty good and I would probably toast the bread next time.

Deborah: This was my all-time favorite. The seasoning on the bread was incredibly tasty and it is something that I recommend for everyone.

Marisol: Really good, the seasoning was the right touch to make it have that Olive Garden kind of taste.

Maria tries a bite of the bread.

Maria tries a bite of the bread.

Dessert: Special K Sundae

A swirl of vanilla frozen yogurt with a healthy bit of olive oil and some Special K. We actually had Marisol try this one with her eyes closed so she couldn’t guess what she was eating.

The dish itself.

The concoction itself.

Rating: 6

Maria: I’m liking the crunch that the Special K adds, but the olive oil doesn’t taste like olive oil here. It tastes more so like corn oil adding a weird oily flavor.

Deborah: The cereal topping is an interesting twist that adds more texture. However, the frozen yogurt just tasted the same.

Marisol: The olive oil was not noticeable at all. Special K gave it a crunch, if you’re into that kinda stuff.

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