IN FOCUS: What to expect in January – other than snow!

With 2014 Intersession week behind us, students are beginning to wade into the waters of second semester. Everyone seems to be busy, working through their own “To Do Checklists”: preparing for new classes, reconvening for various clubs, and essentially getting back into the rhythm of IMSA schedules. Fortunately, many fun and interesting activities are being organized in January to make the transition back easier and enjoyable. Let’s see what we have in store this January:


The Eastern European Culture Club (EECC) will be holding a Diskoteka mixer in 1504 on Tuesday. There will be drinks, techno music, strobe lights, a lounge area, and much more. Board members Atene Poskute (’14) and Anna Kryczyka (’14) encourage IMSA students to come out for a little fun.

When: Tuesday, January 14 – 8:00 to 10:00 pm

Where: 1504

CAB Mission IMPROVable Show

Mission IMPROVable is a “fast-paced and exciting new form of comedy [that] is a combination of MTV’s ‘Wild ‘N Out’ and ‘Who’s Line is it Anyway?’”. The actors in Mission IMPROVable pretend to be agents and the audience members are the co-agents who participate in the “missions” by yelling out suggestions. The randomness of the audience truly makes each show unique. The show promises to “leave you with a smile on your face and a stomach aching from laughter.”

When: Thursday, January 16

Where: Auditorium

SPARK Swim for ALS

SPARK!, IMSA’s neurodegenerative awareness club, is organizing its second annual Swim for ALS Fundraiser. The fundraiser will be held during the Boys’ Swim/Dive Tri-meet with Oswego and Aurora West on Thursday, January 23. During midday of that day, there will be fun, educational activities to spark your interest for the cause.  SPARK will also be raffling off prizes from Buffalo Wild Wings and Chick-fil-A; raffle tickets will be sold midday on Tuesday and Thursday as well as at the event. All proceeds go to the ALS Association.

When: Thursday, January 23

Where: IMSA Pool Deck

StudCo/LEAD/BELLAS: Mental Health Initiative Week

When: Monday, January 27 through Friday, January 31. Times will be later confirmed.

The Mental Health Initiative is a student led project aimed at raising awareness of issues related to mental health. By providing the student body with knowledge and resources to combat these issues, they hope to ultimately transform our campus into a more positive, mindful, and healthy environment.

Monday: Stress Relievers – Various activities, such as yoga, free hugs, and nap time will be provided in the Old Café, gym, and club room to relax any stressed out students.

Tuesday: Mental Health Forum – Audience-led opportunity to voice questions and concerns regarding mental health on IMSA campus. Student Council and members of administration will be available to answer these questions.

Wednesday: Group Discussions – Student facilitated discussions regarding serious issues such as anxiety, coping behaviors, and more.

Thursday: Positive Psychology – IMSA Parent Dr. Sudesh Kannan will present on the art of happiness and methods to improve your relationships with those are you.

Friday: Showing Support – Various opportunities for students and faculty members will be provided to show support to those struggling with mental health issues.

Submission Box – Throughout the week, an anonymous submission box will be provided on the StudCo website to enable students to suggest topics for the group discussions, forum, or any other mental health related matter.

The Floating City (Venice) Winter Formal

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the second dance this academic year, Winter Formal. Organized by Senior Class Club and Junior Class Club, this year’s theme will be The Floating City representing a formal Venice setting. They will be selling tickets January 27 – 31 in the Old Café at midday. Tickets will cost $8 for a single or $15 for a couple.

When: Friday, January 31 – 8:30 to 11:00 pm

Where: Old Café

And Upcoming in Early February

ASIA Lunar New Year Show

Come celebrate Asian Lunar New Year on Friday, February 7, 2014, the Year of the Horse. IMSA’s Asian culture club ASIA will be putting on their annual and always highly anticipated Lunar New Year Show, and this year’s theme is a variation of the movie Valentine’s Day. The story is a cute romantic comedy featuring three couples with different stories. Intertwined in the skit following these three love stories will be showcases of class dances, traditional dances, and modern dances, as well as, individual acts, instrumentalists, Chinese Yo-Yo, and a performance by Mod 21.

When: Friday, February 7

Where: Auditorium

New semester. New events. New opportunities. What a great start to the New Year!

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