ASIA Puts On Lunar New Year 2014

Friday, February 7, IMSA’s Asian culture club ASIA put on Lunar New Year show, its biggest spectacle of the year.

For senior Kevin Li, one of the ASIA presidents who as been involved with Lunar since sophomore year, the show is about more than just entertainment. “I do ASIA because I love Asian culture,” he says. “And being able to broadcast and spread that throughout the community in such a large venue is one of the most exciting things for me.”

The lunar year show is a lot of entertainment. The skit alone produced laughs and a lot of smiles. “It’s an original script with different, but interconnected loveliness,” says junior Vivian Liu, who played one of the main characters. “The plot showcases different aspects of Asian culture.”

However, the show did not go without any problems. In the middle of the Filipino traditional dance, the music cut without warning. Despite this, the group continued on and finished the dance to much applause. “I’m really proud of my group,” says Geronimo “JJ” Garcia, a junior and one of the choreographers for the Filipino dance. “Even though the music turned off halfway throughout our performance, we stuck to it and made it through!”

Not only that, but there were a few mishaps during transitions between acts. “When the time came, the pressure got to us,” says sophomore Varun Iyer, who helped move things on and off stage. “We assumed that the dimming of the lights was our cue for moving the piano, but we were sadly mistaken.”

Despite the mishaps, the show was a success. “I think every performance this year is excellent,” says Kevin. “We’ve really been trying to make it so that the show isn’t a one or two trick pony, but rather something that can be enjoyable throughout.”

If you missed out on the show, don’t fret, ISP: IMSA Student Productions will be uploading a video of the show soon.

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