Purchase an Unforgettable Night at the Newest Culture Show: Night Market!

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There’s talk of an unofficial culture show, Night Market, buzzing all over Facebook, and yet not many people are aware of the specifics. What exactly is going on?

With official culture shows showcasing dances from different cultures, and CLASH, a competition between the students of each residential hall, coming to an end, the student body can extend their gratitude to the ASIA (Asian Students in America) board for organizing their final unofficial culture show for the upcoming 22–23 academic school year—Night Market!

Throughout Asia, night markets are a common sight where small vendors gather along busy streets or crowded areas in the afternoon to sell a variety of items such as food, toys, clothes, and other generally inexpensive goods. 

IMSA’s Night Market is recreating this experience right on campus, where students can create their own booths and sell their own items. A few clubs are taking advantage of this event as a marketing opportunity, and other students are gathering together to sell treats.  

ASIA is also implementing a mini culture show within Night Market that will showcase the diverse cultures represented throughout East and South-East Asia. Each act will perform a unique dance that incorporates elements of their culture, ranging from traditional to modern styles. Performances include class dances, individual acts, G-Friend (a Korean pop dance), B-Friend (a Korean pop dance), Modern, F-Trad (Filipino Traditional), K-Trad (Korean Traditional), and V-Trad (Vietnamese Traditional), each with their own distinct flair. 

Night Market is planned to run from 6–9 PM on May 19th, Friday, which is an I-Day and a whole week after AP exams are over! The unofficial culture show will run from 6–7/7:30 PM, with each act being 3 minutes long. Some dances are reusing choreography and songs from Casa de la Luna (an official culture show run earlier in the year, showcasing Asian and Latinx cultures), and other dances are creating completely new mixes and dances.

ASIA asks students to mark their calendars for May 19th and not to miss out on ASIA’s final extravagant event of the school year!

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