Super Awful Test (SAT) Tips

With the recent PSAT, many juniors are likely planning on when to take the actual SAT for college. Seniors may still be taking this, and sophomores may be considering preparing ahead as well. As a result, many IMSA students likely want tools to succeed on their tests.
1) Studying
The SAT is only one of the major things colleges look at for acceptance, so studying isn’t that major. However, saying you studied is a way to get your parents of your back so you can catch up on Netflix, so at least make it look like you are studying occasionally.
2) Supplies
Don’t recheck your ticket – you’ll be fine. Yeah, there’s all the rules like bringing a number 2 pencil and all that, but a mechanical pencil or pen does the same thing. The rules are just the proctor’s way of seeing how many unnecessary hoops they can make you run through. Snacks and water? The test is only a couple of hours, you’ll be fine.
3) The Night Before
Most people recommend that you get lots of sleep the night before. I disagree – you need some time to have fun since you’ll have a test the next day. Hang out with friends as long as you can. Just say you meet to review.
4) The Day Of
I’ve got nothing, besides trying not to cry due to the stress. At least if you do, you can use the ginormous test to wipe away your tears. It’s the Super-Awful Test. Maybe you should have taken the ACT (Awfully Cruel Test) instead? Never mind. Both are bad.

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