Clash of the Halls: Day 1

Residence Hall 1505 focuses hard for think tank during mid-day. Photo Credits: Yasmin Broy, ISP

Over three weeks of intense planning and practices have led up to this week, but Clash 2017 has finally started.

Day one’s dress-up theme was Pajama Monday, and since most of the students came into this week tired after all the preparation from the weekend and weeks prior, it was a pleasant way to destress in addition to getting excited about Clash together.

At 8 am, riddles were released to the Community Developers in each hall to be worked on by all the members of the hall. Throughout the day, students could be seen throughout the building, anxiously working on solving their riddle with friends and hall-mates, and trying to determine the correct solution as quickly as possible. The scores from the daily riddles will be announced on Thursday.

During midday, students gathered in the Old Cafe for the commencement of the day’s activities and to listen to the Opening Ceremony by CAB Director, Mateusz Cikowski ’17 and Student Council President, Madison Dong ’17. Students then split off and went to designated areas based on their halls to compete in the Think Tank competition, designed as a test of intelligence for halls and based around several topics at different grade levels including Culture, Diversity, English, Fine Arts, Wellness, Language, History, and Science. One anonymous senior comments, “It was really nice to see our hall united and working as a team!”- ’17.

Meanwhile, teachers and faculty toured the seven residential halls, judging the hall decorations, which students designed to be creative, aesthetically appealing, artistically skillful, and relevant to their respective hall themes.

Finally, at 7:15pm, the last event of the day began. Students gathered in a long line outside the auditorium and eventually filed in to view each of the hall’s movies. One of the contributors to 1502’s hall movie says, “It was very stressful and lots of hard work went into it… lots of stuff we’ve never done before. But I’m very glad it all came together well!”- Maria Garcia ’17. Cheers and applause abounded after every movie, and at the end of the event, cumulative scores were announced.

No matter what happens by the end of the week, remember that Clash is about having fun and about showing support for your hall and your campus! All the scores are very close currently and there are still many points left to be earned

Have fun this week, IMSA!

Scores (from

Think Tank: 1st– 1502, 2nd-1501, 3rd– 1507, 4th– 1504, 5th– 1503, 6th– 1505, 7th– 1506

Hall Decorations: 1st– 1501, 2nd– 1506, 3rd– 1505, 4th– 1507, 5th– 1503, 6th– 1504, 7th– 1502

Hall Videos: 1st– 1503, 2nd– 1502, 3rd– 1507, 4th– 1504, 5th– 1505, 6th– 1506, 7th– 1501

Cumulative Scores: 1st– 1502, 2nd– 1503/1507, 4th– 1501, 5th– 1504, 6th– 1505, 7th– 1506

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