IMSA’s Fall Fashion Look Book

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The leaves’ colors are changing and the temperatures are dropping (or at least they should be), so it’s time to replace the shorts and t-shirt with sweaters and jeans. Fall is a time of warmth, muted tones, and fun style choices. Here is a short interview with six IMSA fashionistas to inspire your fall look. Whether you consider yourself to be preppy, edgy, comfy, dressy, or a mixture of everything, hopefully these ideas will address any questions you might have!

Q: What is your fall fashion must-have?

Blair Hu (’18): A nice pair of skinny, denim blue jeans.
You can never really go wrong with blue jeans. They’re a versatile piece which can be worn with just about any top.

Patrick Pynadath (’18): A pair of wine-colored pants
Wine colors in the fall are fully appropriate as they complement the fall color palette perfectly. Take this opportunity to play with fun colors on both your tops and bottoms!

Jessica Forbes (’18): Over-sized sweaters and leggings.
Both of these pieces are fashionable yet comfortable, which is perfect for the IMSA fashionista who wants to dress their best but wakes up 15 minutes before their first class! They’re also warm enough to lure you out of beds on the days when your blankets try to trap you in bed.

Priyanka Sarangabany (’19): Mom jeans.
One of the most on-trend pieces year, these jeans are just baggy enough to throw back to the 90s without drowning the wearer in denim!

Derek Ronske (’19): A good windbreaker.
Slightly self explanatory given the cool temperatures, but you’ll need a nice jacket to get you through the season. Windbreakers are back in style, but bomber jackets, army jackets, fleeces, and sweatshirts all work too of course.

Lyric Carter (’20): A thin cropped sweaters in a cute fall-ish color!
The decreasing temperatures don’t mean that you have to abandon your cropped clothing! Do whatever you want year round (as long as it isn’t below 32 degrees!).

Q: What is your fall fashion faux pas?

Blair Hu: Sunglasses.
This cool accessory should be shelved in the fall season unless the sun is beating down. Transition lenses, eye infections, concussions, and a host of reasons are perfect excuses to break this rule, so feel free to do your own thing.

Patrick Pynadath: Boat shoes.
These used to be extremely popular in 2012, and they still are. In the fall, boots and booties are preferred, but any shoes will protect your feet from the freshly fallen leaves.

Jessica Forbes: White
Part of the “don’t wear white past Labor Day” saying, white clashes with the environment around you in fall. However, this suggestion is probably negated by the increasing popularity of white Adidas superstars and high top Converse.

Priyanka Sarangabany: Scarves.
Scarves were all the rage a few years ago, but fashion is constantly adapting itself for the times. However, scarves are comfortable and necessary items as the season transitions to winter, so choose your favorite to keep your neck warm on those strolls to the main building.

Derek Ronske: Cargo shorts. 
Mainly due to the temperature, these should be kept away for the season and replaced by full length pants. Stay warm!

Lyric Carter: Neon colors.
The typical fall palette is calm and warm colors, so neon really clashes against that. Sorry Student Ambassadors (and sophomores), but when you aren’t dancing in pep rally or guiding a tour, avoid the blinding colors and switch them out for deep colors.


Keep in mind that each one of the interviewees has their own individual style, and so do you! Design your outfits to your own personal liking, and feel free to rock whatever you’re comfortable in.

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  1. Just a suggestion, snap a photo of each of the above mentioned in their favorite fall must have and include it. I would love to see the look.

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