Must-Read Spring Fashion Trends of 2023

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Spring is right around the corner, so you might be curious to see what this season’s fashion has to offer. This article will touch on various fashion trends ranging from celebrity-inspired fashion, such as wearing PJs and other unique outfit themes from Florence Pugh and Olivia Rodrigo, as well as trends that were inspired by runway outfits, such as polka dots and fringe detailing. However, the most popular fashion trends, including Jenna Ortega’s Alaïa prom dress from Wednesday, undoubtedly come from social media such as TikTok and Instagram. 

Maxi Skirts

In comparison to its shorter counterpart (the mini skirt), maxi skirts are a great way to welcome spring. By wearing this floor-length skirt, spring walking trips suddenly become much more energetic and upbeat, as the skirt billows around you with the sun shining on its nature-inspired patterns. Maxi skirts can be found in a straight or streamlined style, or in denim, knit, or silk material. They can be paired with any kind of sandals or a pair of tall boots.


Each spring, a staple trend that returns each year is the floral pattern. The flowers, leaves, and plants create such a positive vibe for welcoming the warm, sun-filled days ahead. But floral patterns don’t just consist of those simple flower designs; it also includes vintage prints inspired by nature that seem to have just come from an art museum. 

Brighter Jewelry

Jewelry can definitely brighten up any outfit, but mixing and matching gold jewelry with brighter jewels and a spring-inspired outfit seems to be a major fashion trend in 2023. The term “brighter jewelry” could mean different matches for different people, but a few ideas could be pairing colorful jewels with vintage necklaces or bold rings, buying some petal-shaped earrings to replace your used daisy ones, or getting a new sparkly watch to complement a floral outfit.

Balletcore Aesthetic

Although the balletcore aesthetic has always been around, it seems to be especially popular this spring. This style captures the outfits that ballet dancers use when going to practice. Balletcore outfits include wearing leg warmers with a pastel or lace cardigan, a simple white mini-skirt paired with black or pink tights, or a flowy, white or pink bow in your hair and ballet flats. 

Polka Dots

Thanks to something called the “Twee Aesthetic,” pioneered by Zooey Deschanel for one of the characters she played on the show New Girl, the polka dot trend seems to be back for this spring. Although this style may seem bold and over-the-top, polka dots can actually be used in very subtle, asymmetrical, and minimal ways for a neutral look.

The “Jenna Ortega” Wednesday Style

Spring might not make you think of the all-black style that Jenna Ortega’s character has in the show Wednesday, but this fashion trend has been extremely popularized by social media in the past few months, and it doesn’t seem to be gone anytime soon. To create the gothic look for warmer weather, try to go for more subtle details like black lace and small jewels for a softer outfit. A few outfit ideas include pairing a pair of platform boots with a darker sundress or wearing a black lace cardigan over a colorful short-sleeve crop top.

Although fashion trends can be fun, it’s crucial to remember to express yourself in whatever way you feel most comfortable, whether that’s with one of these fashion trends, your favorite pajama set at home, or even creating your own mix-and-match style. The next time you feel bored in your room or stuck at home on a rainy day, put on your own fashion show and play around with these styles to find your own unique fashion trend.

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