Yet Another Yare Appears

Shipshape in its new home, out on the 02 slabs. Source: Charles Kuch.

Another abstract iron sculpture has appeared on the IMSA campus, located on the tall concrete block of the 02 slabs. It joins Yare, one of the most famous sculptures on campus, and a different red iron sculpture located by the tennis courts, colloquially known as “Anti-Yare.” 

The new sculpture has a name of its own, Shipshape, and it’s not truly ‘new.’ Shipshape was previously located on a concrete pedestal outside the east entrance, where IN2’s landscaping is presently located. It was removed from the area when construction to create the innovation center began and remained disassembled until now.

Some students recalled spotting the dismantled parts of Shipshape by the maintenance garage door at the east gym entrance, and at one point last week, it was briefly assembled  and placed near the residence halls before vanishing once again. Now, it seems like it’s here for good. The 02 slabs are a convenient spot with its large concrete block offset from the steps, making the sculpture a new focal point for the area.

IMSA Facilities staff was kind enough to direct me to an IRC campus art catalogue where all three sculptures are documented, as well as other art present across the campus. Pictures of Shipshape in its original location can be found here, as well as information about contributors to the sculptures — all three were designed by Scott Wallace.

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Charles Kuch
Charles Kuch is a senior from Wheaton who lives in 05D down hex. He is a staff writer for the Acronym, with an interest for investigative and data journalism. Outside of Acronym, he studies computer science, likes to cook, and apparently knit.

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