Adventure Time: Your Life in the Land of OOOoo!

The Magical Land of Ooo! Source: Nerdist.

The critically acclaimed Cartoon Network show Adventure Time has entertained adults and children alike for almost 8 years. Its magical Land of Ooo has many surprising similarities with IMSA, specifically its lovable, hate-able, and pretty relatable characters. Who do you identify with? (And is that really a good thing?)


Loves an adventure whether it’s exploring a dungeon or copping an entire problem set the day before its due

Heroic and selfless character that protects his friends from evil beasts or from their own procrastination on assignments

Although simple-minded at times, he can be the life of any slabs or Old Cafe party

Always carrying a backpack filled with items that can solve most problems

He may portray himself as this tough person, but has a tender side as well

Could be classified as a “player” with princesses

Likes to say “Mathematical” and “WHOA Algebraic,” but can’t do it



In a committed relationship, practically married

Has weird powers like deriving an A on a test they didn’t study for or giving sagely advice, may be considered a “GOD”

Procrastinates playing video games and sleeps in class

Likes to cook, specifically enjoys making bacon pancakes

Laid back and genuinely not stressed about anything, pretty chill

Has a dark side that comes out through memes or just periodically

Believes in mystical stuff like the Cosmic Owl, probably plays with gems and crystals



Dedicated life to advancing the human condition

Has research with the main goal of being published

Has a posse that treats them like a queen and obeys her orders

Loving, but can be manipulative and controllive

Highly intelligent and has rational approach to things

Doesn’t know how to deal with relationships, so distract/immerses themselves in work




Pulls all-nighters regularly because your basically immortal

Edgy, lots of teenage angst harboring deep inside

Has daddy issues since he is really a demon

May listen to heavy metal, shouting “Feelings! Feelings!”

Likes to do pranks, but they can become too dangerous

Has distinct goth style that reflects her extreme vampirism

Has beautiful singing voice and is quite emotional at times



Super happy-go-lucky

Gets some attention, but mostly unimportant

Hard to understand at times, pretty fobby

Known for the people they hangout with and not for who they are

Has a group “kids” they watch over and try to nurture

Likes to roast people in their foreign language

Has a colorful wardrobe and multiple animal costumes 



BMO=Being more

Does weird stuff when no one is around

Likes to play games

Has an alter-ego that he talks to on occasion

Resolves the beef between friends

Has only a few buttons to push before they pop off

The childish one of the group, saying “your mom” jokes and asking to play jenga



“Valley girl” accent, loves spa baths and Starbucks

Says “What the lump,” flip, fluff, etc.

Gossip pro, knows all the juicy details from college enrollment to relationship drama

Very self absorbed, floats instead of walks

Comes from a good neighborhood, tries to abandon their roots to fit in

Fake friend, could be a snake in the grass (so cut the grass low)

Acts out to get attention


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