The IMSA Dictionary

A dictionary for all of your translating needs. Source: Pixabay.


Term/Phrase At IMSA At Your Previous High School
“Study for the Biology unit test Monday!” “Oh god…will the test be multiple-choice? No? Well, there goes my entire weekend.” “Study? Please, I’m getting a 85 on this, at worst.”
“Reading assignment in English due tomorrow.” “I have to SparkNotes the story and actually read it if I have time, because I just know there’ll be a quiz on it.” “So what you’re saying is… I don’t have any homework.”
“Class, this was an extremely difficult test!  Don’t worry if you didn’t do well, just come talk to me and we’ll figure something out.” “I knew that was a terrible test and it’ll tank my GPA and now I won’t get into Stanford for engineering!” “What…  The hardest question on that test was knowing that formula that I self-studied two summers ago.”
Friend: “Really? You got a 93 on that essay? Wow, I got the exact same grade!” “Bruh, nice! We’re both geniuses!” *high-fives all around* “Mom, I got a 93 on that essay I was talking about, but my friend got the same grade as me. I’m so stupid! I knew I should’ve started it earlier!”
“Let’s get dinner, I’m hungry.” “Oh, no… I hope Sodexo has edible food tonight.  If not, I’ll have to beg my parents for more allowance to order Sarpino’s again tonight.  And again tomorrow night.  And again…” “Sounds awesome!” *strolls to the next room, rummages through fridge, picks out food of choice*
“Get some sleep, tomorrow’s a school day.” “What is this sleep you speak of?” “I know…I just want to finish self-studying this calculus lesson, and then I’ll go to bed.”
“Okay, class, I’ll be collecting your homework assignment now.” “Nooo…I couldn’t figure out the last question when I started this problem set at midnight last night!” *takes out folder with next month’s worth of completed homework* “Hang on, let me find it. Nope, that’s due on the 23rd, the 16th, the 11th… What’s the date today?”
“If you need more time on this test…” “YES!” “What are you talking about? I finished this 20 minutes into the class period and I’ve just been doing calculus problems on the test paper for the past hour.”

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