Nutter Butter Santa Cookies

Delicious Santa cookies for the holiday season. Source: Taste of Home.

When the holidays come around, everyone is excited about all the good food that they will have the chance to eat. Some people have a favorite potato dish, and others just can’t wait for the dessert. So for those Christmas cookie lovers, here is an easy recipe to make adorable Santa Claus Nutter Butter Cookies! 


  • A package of Nutter Butter Cookies
  • About 12 ounces of white baking chocolate
  • A handful of Red Hot cinnamon candies
  • Red colored sugar (found at the store or color white sugar with food coloring)
  • 64 mini semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 32 white chocolate chips


  1. Heat the white baking chocolate on the stove until evenly melted. You can do this by microwaving it in 30 second intervals or over the stove. Over the stove tends to work better – this way, you can keep the chocolate melted throughout the process.
  2. Dip one of the short sides of a Nutter Butter cookie into the chocolate – just about a third of the way up. Repeat for the remaining cookies and lay them out a wire rack to cool. (This will be Santa’s beard!)
  3. Once the chocolate has dried to the touch, repeat step 2 to the other end of each cookie, but this time, right after you dip, cover the white chocolate in the red colored sugar. This will be Santa’s hat, so make sure to leave a little white chocolate showing at the bottom for the brim. While the chocolate is still melted, make sure to add a white chocolate chip to the top of the hat as a pom-pom. If it is already drying, add a little bit of melted white chocolate to the bottom of the chocolate chip. Make sure it sticks!
  4. After you have done this to all of the cookies, it is time to decorate the face. Simply use a toothpick to put a little bit of white chocolate on the Nutter Butter where the two eyes (small chocolate chips) and nose (Red Hots) will go. Then, place the mini chocolate chips on as eyes and the Red Hots on as a nose, and your mini Santa cookies are done!

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