What Joke Should You Tell at the Thanksgiving Table This Year?

A photo of Thanksgiving dinner that features turkey, vegetables, and pie. | Source: Cornerstone Communicties

Thanksgiving dinner is the perfect time for families to come together and celebrate each other’s presence, but it is also stressful after this long grueling year of political and social divides. So, what is a better way to crack the awkward silence that may occur during your dreaded Thanksgiving dinner? Well, of course, you should tell a bad joke that makes everyone shake their head in misery. Take this quiz to find out which joke you could tell this Thanksgiving to either excite or ruin the holiday spirit!

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Kaylee Zhou
I'm Kaylee, and I am a senior this year. I live in 1502 D-wing, and this is my third year on Acronym. When I'm not doing work I enjoy being with my friends, watching Netflix, and running.

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