Homecoming Day 2

Spectators observe the first round of the Capture the Flag game. | Source: Mara Adams

Spirits continued to soar throughout the second day of homecoming. Following the “Twin Tuesday” theme of the day, groups sported matching outfits as they traversed across campus. Students also gathered to partake in Fashion Show and Capture the Flag events in hopes of raking in more points for their class.

At midday, students swarmed the Sodexo Stage to transform representatives from each class into fashion stars. Rushing to meet a time limit of twenty minutes, groups decked participants toilet paper, colorful cloth, and other random items. Seniors won with the best outfit, followed by sophomores, then juniors.

Throughout the day, students contemplated a mysterious riddle about Costco. The document, released to class Facebook pages at 8:00 am, displayed blocks of text in various colors. Discovering the solution involved an extensive analysis of the words in the document, which included various references to Tyler the Creator’s album, New Magic Wand. Seniors answered in record time, followed by the juniors. Unfortunately, sophomores were unable to find the solution, but upcoming riddles will offer more opportunities. 

After school, students congregated near Yare to play a competitive game of Capture the Flag. In the first round, juniors won against the sophomores and progressed to face off senior participants.

Seniors huddle together to watch their competitors. 15 students from the class of 2020 volunteered to compete in the event, a number that likely gave their class an advantage against the sophomores and juniors.

 The second match, which featured many tense standoffs, ultimately wrapped up with a win for the class of 2020. At 6:27 pm, winners huddled at the yare yard, chanting “seniors” in exuberance. Their victory further widened the gap in points from juniors and sophomores, but anything may change with pep rally still in the horizon.

After the excitement of initial weekdays, Wednesday provides an opportunity for much-needed rest, as no scheduled events for homecoming week will occur. Dress in your most comfortable groutfit to enjoy the day off 0r contemplate the daily riddle! 



The rankings as they stand are:
Class of 2020: 900 

Class of 2021: 600

Class of 2022: 500

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