Homecoming Day 1

Imitating the popular styles of social media influencers, a group of students poses for a fashion shot. | Source: Brandon Young

Welcome to Homecoming Week 2019-2020! Whether it’s your last one, your second one, or your first one, this week will be one that you will never forget, full of exciting events and memorable moments. 

The first day kicked off with Mainstream Monday, our first riddle, Midday Opening Ceremony and Kahoot, and the always fun night at Meet Your Match!

8:00 A.M. this morning, the IMSA hallways were flooded with VSCO girls, e-boys, e-girls, skater boys, and all other things mainstream. From “sksksksk” to “and I oop,” everyone had a great time dressing up! Ethan Schmidling (‘22) enjoyed the Mainstream Monday theme, and said he “thought it was nice that the theme was relevant to things we say and do… it was funny to see everyone dressed up.”

Campus Activity Board (CAB) president, Cait Castillo (’20) and member Jaelynn Abdullah (’21) present the Kahoot game to excited students at midday.

Cait Castillo (‘20), CAB Director, led Homecoming Opening Ceremony and a Kahoot on questions related to this week, which included a surprise Hoco Ask. Seniors swept the leaderboard, taking 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place!

At night was our first activity, Meet Your Match! Today’s five contestants, who all created humorous introductory videos in preparation, stepped onto the stage to represent their class. Through a series of either/or questions, the group of possible matches was slowly narrowed down. Then, once only a few people remained, they were asked to respond to their free-response questions. At that point, the contestant would choose their favorite answer and meet their match. Overall, IMSA students seemed to enjoy choosing between “The Office” or “Friends”, or telling the contestant Elise Aponte (‘22) about their next Dungeons and Dragons Campaign. 

Right now, the seniors in the lead, after sweeping the Kahoot activity and being the only ones who solved the riddle. The juniors are in second with the sophomores at a very close third. However, anything could happen in the following four days. Good luck to all!


The rankings as they stand are:

Class of 2020: 250 points
Class of 2021: 125 points
Class of 2022: 100 points



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