6 Good Things That Have Come from the COVID-19 Pandemic

The media is dominated by anxiety-inducing news on the COVID-19 pandemic, but with every cloud, there’s a silver lining! While we are all realizing just how much this pandemic is affecting us negatively, let’s consider the good things that have happened recently because of the current situation!

Reduced Air Pollution
Recent satellite images released by NASA and the European Space Agency show a significant reduction in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in China from January to February. With factories closed and fewer cars on the road, greenhouse gases have been decreasing worldwide, especially in China and Italy. The Centre for International Climate Research in Oslo predicts that air pollution will continue to decrease worldwide in the coming months.

Venice canals clearing up
Because of the constant stream of tourists and gondolas typically populating the Venice canals, their waters are almost never clear. But, with the decrease in active water-vehicles and tourist activity, the canal water is perfectly crystal clear! In addition, a new ecosystem has established itself as fish and other wildlife return the the canal system.

Free HBO Shows and Movies!
Because of the vast need for entertainment right now, HBO has made over 500 hours of programming free for anyone to stream without a subscription for the entire month of April! You can watch movies like Crazy, Stupid, Love and Detective Pikachu and every episode of HBO original tv shows like The Wire, Veep, and Silicon Valley. For more information, visit the HBO website.

This video of penguins roaming an empty aquarium
Because of social distancing, the Shedd Aquarium has closed its doors indefinitely. But, they’ve let their penguins, including the crowd-favorite penguin Wellington, wander the aquarium and visit the various exhibits. The wholesome and endearing videos of these trips have gone viral. I strongly suggest that you visit the Shedd Aquarium Twitter account to watch these must-see videos.

Free Broadway shows!
In order to help ease cabin fever during this pandemic, the works of Andrew Lloyd Webber will be available to stream on YouTube for free! Each show will be accessible on the YouTube channel “The Shows Must Go On!” for 48 hours after the initial upload. The first installment was Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, which began on April 3rd at 2 PM. The next installment, Jesus Christ Superstar, will begin on April 10th at 1 PM and be available until April 12th. For more information and updates, visit the Youtube channel.

Some Good News with John Krasinski
John Krasinski, an actor who you might have seen in The Office or The Quiet Place, has launched a new YouTube show called “Some Good News”, where he delivers uplifting news stories to remind us of the good that we can do. So far, the premiere episode has debuted and the second is in the works. The “Some Good News” Twitter account also retweets heartwarming stories and more wholesome content.

At least something good has come from this panic-ridden chapter of history! As we get through this pandemic day-by-day, remember that we are all going through this together and seek out the positives, so you aren’t overwhelmed by the negatives we see around us.

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Rachna Gupta
Rachna Gupta graduated from IMSA in 2021, where she was a proud three-year resident and Residential Student Leader of 1506A. She served as an Editor-In-Chief for the Acronym for the 2020-2021 school year. Other than the Acronym, Rachna was involved in Quizbowl, the ALLIES program, and student research. She is now pursuing undergraduate studies at Harvard University.

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