Ask Acronym: Family, Friends, and Netflix

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You guys asked, so we answered! Get ready for another edition of Ask Acronym! This edition focuses on family, friends, Netflix and even Volleyball.

How do I keep in contact with my friends over this break? I don’t want to drift or lose relationships with others. 

Keeping in touch with your friends is critical during this period because you want to keep friendships healthy and show others that you care about them. Some ways you can do this is by contacting them through Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, or text messages. If you want to video call and chat, then some apps that might be helpful are Houseparty and Facetime, and you could even Zoom with them if you wanted to. 

What are some good stress reliefs for quarantine? Netflix recommendations?

The quarantine can be very dull for some, so here are some hobbies you could pick up during this break. Cooking is an engaging activity you could pick up, which also helps you develop skills for the future. You could bake something as simple as a chocolate chip cookie to as difficult as a soufflé. Another activity you could undertake is painting. Painting is fun because you can express your creative side. You could paint a pretty sunset, or you could make an abstract displaying the way you feel. Now, this next activity is what I have personally done the most: Watching Netflix. Netflix has turned into one of my best friends during this quarantine. Some shows I suggest watching are You, Love is Blind, New Girl, and Jane the Virgin

How do I get good at volleyball?

Although I wish I could help you get better at volleyball, I actually have no idea how to set or pass a volleyball properly. However, asking someone on the volleyball team could be an option for you to improve your skills. Another option is to watch Youtube videos. Since there are all kinds of videos on YouTube, there will definitely be volleyball videos for you to watch. 

How do you talk to parents that refuse to listen?

Being quarantined in your house with parents that might not quite understand you can be challenging. Try to sit down and patch things up with your parents. Although this might be difficult since they do not listen, you must attempt to get them to understand your problems. If somehow they can see things through your perspective, then they might start listening. However, if it is a dire situation where you need to talk to someone immediately, don’t forget that IMSA counselors and RC’s are still available and an aid for you to talk to. 


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