Admin Speaks on Move-out and Final Grades at IMSA Town Hall

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In case you missed the town hall meeting on Tuesday, May 5, here is some important information you might want to know:

Move-out was a huge topic during this meeting, and IMSA administration was able to clear up some questions that were floating around. Since the Illinois Governor, J.B. Pritzker, has extended the Illinois lockdown until May 30, the administration has assured students that move-out is still going to take place, because it is an essential event. An email was sent out on May 6 informing all students of their personalized 90 minute move-out window. When making these personalized time slots, the administration took into consideration those who are immunocompromised, how far students lived, and if they were taking any finals or AP tests. To ensure all staff and family safety, everyone who enters the dormitories is required to get their temperature checked by the school nurses, as well as wear gloves and masks the entire time. If someone is found to have a fever when they enter, then they will not be able to move-out and will need to reschedule for another day.

Remote learning was a huge concern among all students. The administration has confirmed that all teachers will be required to turn in grades, teacher comments, as well as the Pass or Incomplete status by June 3. Students asked if future colleges and universities would be able to see our letter grades and percentages. In response, the administration confirmed that unofficial grade reports would be dealt with by the CACs. The only reason letter grades would be sent out to colleges and universities is if those schools directly contact the student or IMSA CACs for this information. Every situation will be case-by-case and will be dealt with by the student’s assigned CAC. Administration also noted that they are currently looking through the results from the remote learning survey, and teachers have already received their results.

As the future still holds many questions and concerns, no one is sure as to if the fall semester will be online or in-person. A question was brought up about whether traditional grades or Pass/Incomplete would be used if the fall semester is remote. The administration answered by saying that they are not sure what the circumstances would be at this moment.

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