Finding Your Silver Lining

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In the last eight months, a lot has happened that we never anticipated. Whether it be the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian wildfires a few months ago, or the death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, we’ve had barely any control over the events of 2020. We’ve seen the impeachment of our current president; we’ve seen the stock market plunge to levels not seen since the 1980s; we’ve even seen the distressing death of George Floyd and so many more like him. Yet, it would be unfair to say that we’ve lost all control over what we make of 2020. For some, 2020 has been a wonderful year of spending time with loved ones. For some, it’s been an opportunity to explore things they’ve always wanted. And for some, it’s been a real opportunity to get back in touch with humanity. From our frontline workers to those volunteering and donating during these times, simple acts of kindness have defined who we can be in 2020. In an effort to spread positivity in our own little communities, listed below are 20 different ways we can make someone smile! :)

  1. Write a little note to your mail carrier, thanking them for their services!
  2. Pay for the car(s) behind you in a drive-thru line! Ask the drive-thru worker to let the cars know and to ask them if they would also like to carry on the chain!
  3. Arrange a socially distant birthday parade for a family member or friend! Ask their loved ones to decorate their cars and be ready to honk!
  4. Offer to pick up groceries for your neighbor, while being mindful of social distancing guidelines.
  5. Write cute chalk messages and words of encouragement on your driveway or sidewalk for those walking by to see and smile!
  6. Make community yard signs and ask local hospitals or community centers to put them up near their entrance as a means of honoring those working endlessly to serve others.
  7. Donate old toys, clothes, and books that you no longer need to a nonprofit, youth organization, or church.
  8. Offer to tutor younger students in a particular subject that they may be struggling with, as long as you feel confident explaining!
  9. Tip your cashier/barista a little extra when they least expect it! Show them how much you appreciate the risks they take on a daily basis to serve others.
  10. Plan a fun ‘staycation’ at home to spend quality time with family and friends! This could include binge watching movies, designing a makeshift nail salon, or attempting to recreate your favorite restaurants’ cuisine.
  11. Pay for a lottery ticket at the grocery store and give it to the person behind you in line.
  12. Once you finish shopping, put your shopping cart back where it needs to go!
  13. Ask your parents or other family members if they need help babysitting their younger children while they work!
  14. Sew face masks for nurses and doctors and drop them off at hospitals.
  15. Set up virtual coffee meet-ups with friends you haven’t chatted with in a while!
  16. Reminisce on past memories with family and friends! Look through old photo albums or cute videos!
  17. Give a family member a hug for no specific reason, but rather just to let them know that you appreciate everything they do for you!
  18. Help out with a chore at home without even being asked to. Show that you care!
  19. Tell a loved one why you are proud of them. In times where things rarely work out as we expect them to, reminiscing our accomplishments can make a huge difference.
  20. Send an email to a teacher you haven’t had class with in a while! Ask them how their summer has been, what they’ve been doing during quarantine, or simply how they are doing!

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Krisha Patel
Krisha is a senior from Schaumburg who lives in 1506A. She is very excited to serve as the Lifestyle Section Editor during the 2020-2021 school year. Besides The Acronym, she enjoys entrepreneurship, medicine, dancing, and simply spending time with her friends and family!

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