Drawing Tablet Tips & Tricks

As many of you may know, IMSA has issued us drawing tablets to supplement our remote learning experience. But, many of students and teachers have never used anything like this before. Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most of your drawing tablet:

  • Customize your settings. If you download the drawing tablet driver, you can change the default settings of your tablet. In this program, you can change the functions of the express keys on your tablet and pen. You can also change the default rotation of the tablet, which is especially beneficial if you are left-handed or want to draw on your tablet vertically. 
  • Utilize the overlay sheet. Does it feel like your pen slips on the screen? That’s what the overlay sheet is for! Simply stick the sheet onto your tablet to add some friction.
  • Store your extra pen tips in the pen stand. If you open up the pen stand, there are handy little slots to hold your extra pen tips!

  • Find a drawing program that works well for you. Part of getting the most out of your tablet is finding a good program! There are tons of free options – Kami is great for editing PDFs, Microsoft OneNote is nice for taking notes, and SketchBook is good for drawing. The best program for you just depends on what you want to use your drawing tablet for!
  • Take some time to experiment. The drawing tablet can be quite unfamiliar at first, so set aside some time to test it out. Experiment with different programs, with or without the overlay sheet, etc. until you find the right fit. Thanksgiving break would be a good time to try it out – come back from break ready to complete those worksheets like a pro!

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Hannah Johnson
Hannah is a senior at IMSA and lives in 1502 B up-quad. She is excited to be a Staff Writer and Graphic Designer for The Acronym this year. She also enjoys participating in swim team, Student Ambassadors, and Yearbook.

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