The Best April Fools’ Tricks

Reader's Digest | 10 Easy April Fool’s Pranks You Can Play on Your Family

April 1st. The day when you can play any trick on friends, family, or even a stranger and get away with it. This occasion seems almost too good to be true! While some people may be naturals at pranks, there are still a handful of tricks perfect for amateur jokesters, so April Fools’ in 2022 will be a day to remember!

1.) Computer Whiz

By now, most of your friends (hopefully) know how to shut down their computers or alter their screen preferences. But wouldn’t it be funny to see how they would react when their computer screen is flipped upside down? This prank has a simple solution and is user-friendly for family members or friends. To turn the screen 180O, simply press the keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT + Down Arrow on Windows, and for Mac, go to System Preferences and click Display while holding down Command and Option. Then click the “180” option. To undo, simply use the keyboard shortcut of CTRL + ALT + Up Arrow.

2.) Lollipop Laughter

Do you have any spare lollipops in your dorm or room? Remove the wrapper and replace the candy with a not-so-appetizing vegetable, such as a Brussels Sprout, and put the wrapper back on the “lollipop.” Whether this snack is going to a family member, best friend, or roommate, they’ll definitely be in for a treat! (Be sure to bring some actual candy afterward to celebrate.)

3.) Mirror Surprise 

If you have an abundance of post-it notes or colorful sticky notepads, then this prank is for you! Write a cute or funny message or draw a cool face on each post-it note and stick it to your bathroom mirror. (This should be prepared the day before April Fools’.) When your roommate gets up the next day, they’ll be in for a nice surprise.

4.) Lost your mouse?

One of the most annoying things in life is when your mouse stops connecting to your computer screen, but by taking advantage of this pet peeve for some people, you’ll find yourself with a creative prank. Use a piece of paper and write “Gotcha!” on it and stick it to the bottom of the person’s mouse sensor. They won’t realize they’ve been pranked until they take a peek at the bottom.

5.) Chocolate Heaven

This activity is perfect for your friends who love chocolate! If you have any empty chocolate box from Walmart or Target, rewrap it, but instead of putting chocolate (or the original candy) in it, write a note that says, “Fooled you!” Hand it to them with a warm smile and pat yourself on the back for a successful prank execution.


These are only just a few of the many ways to get a nice laugh out of your friends or family, so feel free to use these as a base and get creative. But don’t forget that the main idea behind April Fools’ is for the person being pranked and the person playing the prank to both have fun. This day only comes once a year, so use it well and good luck!

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