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Life at IMSA can be difficult at times, so it’s important to build and practice activities that make your day a bit brighter, especially during the more stressful weeks. This can include talking to certain people, taking on a hobby, or going out for a jog. Everyone experiences stress in different ways, whether it’s emotionally, physically, or mentally, so each person has different ways to wind down and release that stress. This article is going to cover some general tips on how to manage and turn that pressure into something that’s (hopefully) a bit more motivational.


Phone a Friend

If you enjoy talking with others or spending time around people when working, this is a great method for you to release stress. Some ideas include having a wing study session and meeting new, unfamiliar faces in your wing or hall, or you could also invite some friends over to the benches near Yare and work outside. If you’re up for a challenge, try calling someone (a friend, relative, or mentor) you haven’t talked to in a while—you’d be surprised by how much energy you’d gain by cheering others up!


Sunday Snooze Session

Naps are always an effective energy booster. By assigning a few hours every Sunday afternoon to be your weekly power nap, you’ll definitely feel a lot better throughout the week. You could also get creative with this—for example, try having napping sessions with your roommate as a bonding activity.


Stickers! And Photos

If you enjoy quieter settings, a nice cup of tea, and note-taking, this tip might be for you. Whether it’s decorating your room, a notebook, or just a random page in your planner, scrapbooking is an awesome way to relax and reflect on past events. While it varies for everyone, the basics of this hobby include getting some stickers, post-its, markers or pens, and a sheet of paper. Then, just print out some photos and get to work!


Running to Panera?

A great way to enjoy the outdoors and get some quality time in with friends is to go on a walking trip to your favorite food place. However, if you’re also looking for some exercise, you could also get in a 1-mile jog (or bike ride) on the way there. That way, you and your friends will have a memorable time going to get Wednesday brunch and you’ll have fun getting in some exercise too!


Have a Special Meal

As people with busy schedules, we often forget to treat ourselves to the food we love, especially on the weekends. Whether it’s ordering that weird boba flavor you’ve always wanted to try or picking a nostalgic dish from your favorite restaurant, you can’t go wrong with food. It will definitely help cheer you up, and, more importantly, it serves as a reminder that no matter how your week went, you always deserve a (comforting) reward.


These are only a few of the ways to relieve stress and feel stronger throughout the week. It’s important to take care of yourself, even when you feel unproductive. In fact, encouraging yourself and having a more positive attitude toward schoolwork will likely increase your motivation too.

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