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While some favor the cookies and others like the salad bar, IMSA students can agree that there will always be ways to improve Lexington as it caters to students’ needs. Since most students eat in the cafeteria daily, they have become tired of having the same dishes without much variation.

However, this has begun to change. As students have come to Lexington for a regular meal, they have instead been greeted by fun new themes such as Surf and Turf. This has all been done through Student Council’s Lexington Committee in hopes of providing fresh and delicious food for the IMSA community. I sat down with Lexington Committee Head and Senior Representative, Irene Liu, to hear the details behind Lexington’s new, special meals. 

Irene explained the whole idea started from the Lexington feedback form, which is a resource where students can submit their thoughts and suggestions for Lexington. She reiterated that Lexington has felt repetitive, and wanted to find a solution. The committee looked at the food suggested in the form: “Some of these [suggested] foods were more expensive or difficult to make, but Lexington was kind enough to honor them just the same. In doing so the special lunches/dinners were born.”

The committee requested the Lexington chefs create these meals in hopes of providing at least one elaborate meal per week. All of the meals so far, such as the boneless chicken wings, came from the feedback form. These foods are more difficult and expensive which is why they are only served once a week, but the other, easier meals will be added to the permanent menu. Some other relevant, permanent changes include the upgrading of the sauce and spice rack and the new bread for sandwiches. 

As students, we can continue to make our voices heard and find new ways to improve our daily meals. Irene and the rest of the Lexington Committee are working hard to ensure we can have new varieties of food. It can be challenging to enjoy the available food when you miss home-cooked meals or have dietary restrictions. Still, through your suggestions, we can work to find dishes or special lunches or dinners that help make your dining experience better!

If you have suggestions for Lexington, be sure to submit them here:


*The Acronym would like to thank Irene Liu for sharing the Student Council’s work.*

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