A Detailed Guide to the Optimal Lexington Experience

Our return to IMSA was not without its surprises. A new coat rack, biweekly COVID testing, a few holes in the walls, and many more changes likely still on the way. The changes StudCO facilitated for our Lexington dining experience, on the other hand, were arguably the most pleasant surprise. With the introduction of the spice rack, we will no longer have tasteless powdered eggs, but rather new and improved powdered eggs with Italian seasoning. The fries will no longer be lacking in the necessary seasoning to avoid a lingering taste of oil in your mouth. Because many people do not have the creative mindset to turn Lexington food into a Michelin-starred meal, here are a few innovative and delicious ways to improve your dining experience.


The Spice Rack

Sophomores at Large Marguerite (Maggie) DiMarco and Zuyu Liu proposed the idea of a spice rack after receiving numerous accounts of unseasoned food. When asked to describe how they executed the implementation of the spice rack, Maggie responded,

IMSA’s previous food service Sodexo had a spice rack, but since Lexington didn’t, Zuyu and I wanted to take up the project. Implementation was a bit of a tedious process, both due to supply chain issues and major changes in Lexington’s leadership, but interim director Jeff was always communicative and willing to work with us, and we got the job done! In terms of the spice rack’s future, we hope to add a few more seasoning choices, specifically parmesan cheese and Old Bay spice, but we are always looking for student input as to what they’d want to see via our IVC forms.”

 There are now a variety of seasonings including paprika, Italian seasoning, cinnamon, red pepper flakes, and many more. Sophomores at Large say to expect parmesan to be a Lexington spice rack staple.

The Microwave

If the spice rack is Lexington’s rising star, “The Microwave” is its hidden gem. But why is something as insignificant as a microwave useful? The electromagnetic radiation that creates a delicate and warm meal is the answer. Any of your meals can be elevated to the level of renowned approval by adding the secret ingredient of heat. Here are some examples of the delectable magic that can be created by serving food with a side of heat.

The Michelin Star Burger

This decadent burger is a simple and tasty addition to your Lexington meal. To begin, you should request an unadorned plain burger. Isn’t it simple? Then, proceed to the condiments and toppings bar and select three key ingredients. A pickle, lettuce, and cheese Pickles are only good in small quantities, so look for the smallest pickle slice you can find. It’s also a good idea to have an extra plate on hand to put the toppings you don’t want to microwave on. After carefully placing the cheese on the beef patty, take the burger to the microwave near the vending machine and warm it for 30-45 seconds. For gooier cheese and a softer burn, cook for 45 seconds; for a sturdier but still delectable burger, cook for 30 seconds. Place your toppings back on the burger once it’s warmed up, and you’re done.

Source: Image by David Dickson

The Extra Cheesy Pasta

Have you ever gotten out of bed at 10:45 a.m. on a Sunday morning, felt a sudden surge of hunger, traveled to Lexington, and then thought, “Wow, this is just pasta noodles and tomato sauce?” This unexpected realization can be quickly and easily remedied with shredded cheese from the salad bar and parmesan. Spread a generous amount of shredded cheese (try to use as many different types of cheese as you can) over your pasta until it’s cheesy enough for you. Set the timer for 75 seconds in the microwave. It is ready when you can smell the fumes of melted cheese and charred beef. To fully emulsify the cheesy goodness, give it a quick swirl with your fork. Italian seasoning and red pepper flakes are added as the finishing touch to this exquisite Italian masterpiece.

Source: Image by David Dickson

Chicken Parmesan

There is an easy yet simple way to make a delicious chicken parmesan comparable to Chick-fil-la, as recommended by Rodrigo Sanchez, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Associate. However, in order to enjoy this delectable meal, the stars must align perfectly because it must be a day when fried chicken and pasta with marinara sauce are served. As a result, there is no image of this creation. The steps are straightforward. Spread a generous amount of tomato sauce and cheese on top of a long, juicy piece of chicken. After that, place it in the microwave and wait for the cheese to melt into a gooey mess.


Lexington serves a variety of standard drinks that you’d find at a McDonald’s (if Lexington’s machines even work), but the cherry cola isn’t always as cherry as it should be, and the sprite isn’t always fizzy enough. Here are a few easy ways to jazz up your Lexington beverage.

A Splash of Lemonade

A simple way to add a little zing to your favorite beverage when ordering it. A delicious refreshing sip of cherry lemonade cola awaits you by incorporating a little bit of Lexington’s lemonade into your cherry cola. Add it to the sprite? Lemonade with Sprite! Should I put it in my pink lemonade? Lemonade with pink lemonade!

Tea with Milk

Do you ever get a craving for milk tea at IMSA and google the nearest tea shop only to find out that delivery is $8? Rather than paying $8 plus an additional $10 for your milk tea, you can get all of that and more at Lexington. Your taste buds will be enamored by the deliciousness of adding a little soy milk to an ice-cold glass of unsweetened tea.


With the addition of the spice rack, microwave, and better-tasting food, there is now a plethora of options and a plethora of different ways to doctor your food. I’d like to express my gratitude to the Student Government Lexington Committee for their ongoing efforts to improve our dining experience and, more importantly, Lexington. For being accommodating to our numerous complaints and viewing criticism as a means of improving rather than as a means of shaming the food.

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