Oscars 2022: Looks On The Red Carpet

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Though the 2022 Oscars will certainly be remembered largely for The Slap, there were other more noteworthy aspects of the night. From dazzling dresses to sleek suits, the Oscars featured some top-quality fashion for the night. Here are five of the best-dressed from the awards show.

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  1. Benedict Cumberbatch
    1. Sporting a Giorgio Armani suit, Benedict Cumberbatch displays simple elegance. Though this outfit was not the most spectacular on the red carpet (far from it, actually), his blue and yellow pin in support of Ukraine gave him a boost. Cumberbatch tackling the opportunity to support a humanitarian crisis through his fashion, especially on a day when thousands of people would be tuning in to watch the show, was a smart move.


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  1. Serena Williams
    1. Now also a Hollywood film producer, Serena Williams donned a brilliant yet simple pink Gucci dress on the red carpet. Styled with black lace gloves and immensely high black platform heels, Williams pulled off a sophisticated look. Though most of us are more used to seeing her in tennis attire, Serena Williams proves that both athletic and refined looks can coexist. 


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  1. Kirsten Dunst
    1. At first glance, Dunst’s dress may seem unremarkable. However, this dress is a sustainable choice: she is choosing from dresses of the past, preferring vintage and already-worn ones over new collections. This year, Dunst wore a Christian Lacroix gown from Fall 2002, pairing it with a gleaming 14 carats’ worth of diamond jewelry by Fred Leighton. As unique as Dunst’s choice is, this is not the first time she has chosen vintage dresses. At the 2017 Oscars, Dunst wore a 1952 dress that was designed by Christian Dior. She has also reworn her clothes on multiple occasions (which shouldn’t be too surprising, but for celebrities, it seems to be a huge shocker), including another white lack Lacroix dress.

Source: Vogue

  1. Timothee Chalamet
    1. Possibly one of the outfits that stirred the most online debate, Timothee Chalamet’s Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer Women’s collection suit was worn—without a shirt. Granted, most of the internet went crazy over the fact that he managed to pull off the look. In fact, the most heated debates are over whether or not he looked better with a shirt or without, comparing it to his previous red carpet moments. Either way, the no-shirt outfit left quite the impression.

Source: Vogue

  1. Demi Singleton
    1. At only 15 years old, Demi Singleton exudes an aura of confidence and dignity. Opting for a simple lilac Miu Miu dress was an excellent choice, which, according to her style team members Tasha Reiko Brown and Nai’vasha Johnson, showcased “youthfulness” and “elegance.” The most amazing part is that she doesn’t need a lot of jewelry to finish off the look—even with just drop earrings, Singleton shines on the red carpet.

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