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Campus walks are a great way to unwind after a long week, hang out with friends, or just spend some time with yourself. Amidst the growing pile of homework and countless upcoming extracurricular activities, it’s essential to have an outlet to release the daily stresses of student life. Some people may find that outlet in reading a book, watching a movie, or—if you’re reading this article—a nice walk outside. There are many different ways to have a relaxing walk, but The Acronym has a few ideas and tips on making the most out of your sidewalk adventure.

Nighttime vs. Daytime

Nighttime walks on campus have a completely different feeling from daytime walks. In the daytime, walking outside feels easygoing, relaxing, and carefree. Especially when the sunlight peeks through the clouds, it can give off a glowing feeling that is proven to be a mood booster! However, nighttime walks feel more personal and sincere—it gives a lot more time for those mindless thoughts to peek out and resurface. While some people enjoy spending time outside during the night or evening, many others prefer walking when it’s still light outside. The only way to find your preference is to try it out yourself!


Playing music can brighten up anyone’s day, whether it’s during a study session to work on homework or practicing their musical instrument for an upcoming event. Likewise, listening to music during a campus walk can make it much more enjoyable and memorable. Especially during nighttime walks in the winter or fall, it can definitely help to release any stresses with academics, extracurricular activities, or other events.

With Other People

Although many people prefer to walk alone as a way to relax, bringing a few friends along can make a huge difference. Especially during an IMSA student’s busy lifestyle, it can be rare to find those genuine moments where you can share your experiences and passions with other people. Campus walks are a great way to form or rebuild those connections, whether it’s with a new person you saw the other day or with an old friend you forgot to keep up with. In fact, this could also include talking to other people on the phone, such as asking your family how their day went and what they plan on doing next weekend. 

Bringing Snacks

If walking outside sounds boring, bring a few snacks! Snacks are an awesome way to refuel yourself to gain the energy needed to take on those daunting challenges. This could include bringing a banana on your way to class or eating a granola bar while taking the long route to first mod. Whatever the method, there’s always a way to squeeze in a campus walk—and snacking.

Campus walks can bring people together, rebuild the strength needed to take on daily challenges, and serve as an outlet for stressors. Especially during the cooler temperatures, walking outside can be a very memorable high school experience. 

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