The Best Date Places at IMSA

Best Date Places at IMSA 


After being on campus for a few months, We’ve realized the potential that the IMSA campus offers for dates. If you’re stuck on what your next date should be, don’t be! We, Michelle and Megan, got your back. We’ve researched the absolute best date places at IMSA, and all of the places mentioned are scientifically proven as well. So, take notes, prepare your best outfit, and get ready for the best dates of your life. 


1.) The Exact Middle of the TV Pit 

Imagine this: in the midst of all the noise from GAs or club meetings or people studying, you can look into your partner’s eyes and enjoy a nice picnic. The TV Pit is the best place to enjoy a quick eat, stuffing food under your mask quickly. We obviously don’t want you guys to spread COVID, of course! The ground may be very dirty, but don’t worry, your voice will echo through for you and your partner to hear. Plus, there are only a few spiders. You guys will literally be the center of attention. Everyone will be centered around you guys. But it’s okay — I mean, look at how happy we look! 

2.) Mailroom 

Need to grab a package? Why not grab your partner’s hand and drag them to the mailroom! In the mailroom, you can briefly enjoy some snacks or talk before the person in charge will probably kick you out. This date scenery can be like a scene from the movies. Under the dim illuminated lights, you and your partner have each other and the package that you bought on Amazon. Isn’t this such a perfect, serene date idea?   


3.) The Elevator

What better way to connect with your date than spending some individual time with them? Elevators are usually a space where people pass by awkwardly and hope to enter and exit as quickly as possible. However, with a new mindset, that doesn’t have to be the case. Grab a snack bag or two and take a quick break in the elevator. Not only does this place allow for some peacefulness during passing periods, but it also allows you to reset yourself and take a quick chat with your date as well—as long as you don’t count the spiderwebs and occasional ants!


4.) Math Study Area

Grab a book or two, some coffee, and a few pens, resulting in the formula for the perfect study date! Whether it’s arguing over derivative equations or whether water is wet, the math study area is a great place to connect with your date while getting your homework done too. Moreover, if you or your partner get stuck on a problem, there are numerous surrounding resources. This could include nearby lectures or passing teachers; if only all ideal date places included these benefits!


As clearly shown above, there are numerous places around campus where you and your date can have a great time together, whether that be snacking, studying, or just enjoying the peacefulness. IMSA’s campus is a much better option because common places such as gardens or parks are too obviously cliché and not as amusing or memorable. However, these are only a few possible ideas; there are still so many more to explore. The next time you need a place to go on a date on short notice, you know just what to do!

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Megan Sia
Megan Sia is a senior at IMSA from 1502. She is a staff writer for The Acronym. Usually, she can be found either hanging out with friends, watching Netflix, writing, sleeping, or doing homework.

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