Funniest Ways to Get a Violation

ViolationViolations are too common for IMSA Students | Source: Vanguard News

From not wearing shoes on campus to forgetting not to use the microwave after in-room, there are just so many ways that you can get a violation. To explore just how vast the opportunities for committing violations really are, we compiled a list of the funniest ways to get a violation. Disclaimer:  Don’t take these suggestions seriously. We are not encouraging breaking school rules, no matter how dumb some of these violations seem. So don’t tempt fate, or Security, or gravity, or — well, anything, really.

Climbing a tree

You might think you’re as agile as a bird, but a few branches in, and you’ll be a sitting duck. We hate to break it to you, but you just don’t have the strength of an overly hyper child on a playground. Eventually, your friends will stop laughing and find someone to help you down, and hopefully, your pride isn’t too bruised and you can try the monkey bars.

Wearing short clothing in cold weather (32 degrees)

Even if it’s below zero outside, you can’t just give up on the fits you worked so hard to put together and ruin it by putting a fat parka on. Or maybe you forgot to do your laundry and the only clothes left are your Adidas shorts and vibrant red Vax Up shirt. And, you can’t just carry your parka around with you to eight classes since you’re going to warm up at some point and your backpack alone is heavy enough. Besides, it’s going to take 5 minutes maximum to run to school—that’s not too bad.

Not wearing shoes

After snoozing your alarm a few too many times, you realize you only have five minutes until class starts. After hurriedly getting ready, you burst across Yare and make it to class on time only to realize your slides were a bit too slippery. Most people will be put off by your bare feet, no matter how nonchalant you are about it. This is probably a sign that you should stop snoozing your alarm so you have time to put on socks.

Using a friend’s ID to get food or check out books

Let’s face it: sometimes, during a particularly busy day, you forget your ID in your room or lose it in class. Most of the time, we would check ISMA Lost and Found or search your previous classrooms in the hopes of finding it. But if you’re desperate to get into the lunch line before it gets obnoxiously long, you’re not going to run all the way back to scavenge for your lost ID. Especially if you have a friend that kind of looks like you (and we’re all wearing masks anyway), no one can tell the difference, right? 

Skipping the lunch line and going into the caf through the back door

Like aforementioned, the lunch lines are really long since most people decide to eat during Midday 1 even if it’s not their official time. Not that, of course, I would do that. Anyway, this results in students waiting for nearly 30 minutes to actually get their lunch. However, if you have a problem set for BC to finish by the next mod or your oral presentation for AWRAP has yet to be started, then you don’t have the time to wait that long. I mean, if you’re just going to grab a sandwich and a cookie, hardly anyone will realize that you’ve been there.

Forgetting to sign out for a trip but going to the RC office to sign back in

This is very specific (and may or may not be based on personal experience) but it happens more often than you might think. The adrenaline rush that occurs every time you sign up for a Target trip might make you forget about stopping by the RC office before you leave. And inevitably, you walk back into the RC office when you return with a frappuccino and full shopping bags, realizing you never signed out in the first place. Maybe you can bargain with your $6 Starbucks pumpkin spice latte.

Using the microwave after in-room

You might want to take a risk at midnight and make some ramen to hold you over for the night. You might have an urge to try making a mug cake out of Oreos. Or maybe you just really want to use the microwave to see if you can stop it right before it starts beeping. Unfortunately, the beeps from the microwave are unusually loud and your pizza rolls can be smelled from down the hall. Abandoning your food is simply not an option, and the night monitors will probably find you attempting to carry a hot plate to your dorm. 


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  1. #8 – having a hammock

  2. *Note from an RC: You can actually use the microwave after in-room if it’s just an in-out sort of process. We don’t want to stop you from a midnight snack. :) With that said… go to bed at a proper time! Sleep is very important.

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