How to Stay Creative at IMSA

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Living at a STEM school, students may feel creativity is often overlooked. Many students at IMSA are naturally creative people, though. 

Creativity is an essential skill to have in or out of school. In order to maintain that side of your brain, follow these six tips. 


  1. Take risks.

A lot of your life at IMSA is mapped out for you. Feel free to go outside of your comfort zone from time to time. Join a club just for fun, not for college applications. Go to a basketball game with some friends. Take a class you think would be fun, not one you think you have to take. 

All of this will allow you to develop new ideas, heightening the creative side within you. 


  1. Find inspiration. 

Maybe you want to make a song. Maybe you want to paint a picture. Maybe you want to knit a sweater. Whatever it is, go find some ideas. Pinterest, the library, and your friends are all great places to find inspiration. 


  1. Give yourself a break. 

No matter what it is you’re doing — whether you’re working on your homework or just watching TV — a break is always needed. Taking a step away from what you’re working on will open your eyes to new projects! 


  1. Add color for creativity. 

Colors are known to enhance your mood and impact your thinking. Use this to your advantage by using green for when you want to be more creative and yellow when you want to generally have a better mood. You can paint your nails these colors, wear a shirt, or even just make a friendship bracelet with them. 


  1. Hang out with your friends. 

Surrounding yourself with people you love will always benefit you. Take some time every day to make sure you’re with your friends, even if it is only for a little while. This will also open your eyes to your friends’ ideas of creativity. 


  1. Embrace Mistakes 

Always remember that it is okay to make mistakes. Sometimes, it can even benefit you. Don’t get frustrated over your mistakes. Instead, process them for what they are and utilize them to help you in the future. 


Even if you’ve felt less than creative in your life at IMSA, you can use these tips to shake things up a bit and keep your creativity alive.

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