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After more than a month of living on campus, we have probably found some decorations for our rooms, ranging from fairy lights to potted plants. Now that fall has officially come upon us, it’s time to change our décor a little to match the ambience of the colder weather. 

1. Bulb lights

Bulb lights have a nice warm, yellow tone that is suitable for the fall. You can put them up across the walls of your room so that it hangs over you when you walk, or put it up near your bed so that you can study by the bulb lights.

Bulb Lights

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2. LED lights

LED lights are a classic. It can be hard to install at first, but it’s totally worth it after you do. Controlling it is easy and having fun colors can make your day a little better. Make sure to turn it on red and stare at your roommate when they enter the room for added dramatic effect.

LED Lights

Source: Pinterest

3. Posters or signs

Traffic signs are a nice aesthetic to have in your room and cover a lot of space on the walls. Other more humorous signs can also do the job just as well. The less school-appropriate the sign is, the funnier it is. Of course, it has to be subtle so that administrators and RCs don’t come after you.

Room signs

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4. Plants

Small succulents or plants are the easiest way to add veggies to your diet. Flowers in a random glass bottle or jar are also very cute and are relatively low maintenance. On a similar note, fake vines are also particularly useful in covering up the scratched IMSA walls. Whatever cute plant you find, you can’t go wrong with it.


Source: Displate Room

5. Tapestries

Tapestries give your room some personality and humor. My own quad boasts 6 tapestries, including Gandhi, Bertram from Jessie, Gibby, a Kanye tweet, Ravi Ross, and a heart tapestry. You don’t have to limit yourself to humorous tapestries, of course. Inspirational quotes or simply aesthetically pleasing tapestries are also great additions to your room. 

Source: Lunerfex on Amazon

6. Paintings

You don’t have to purchase an actual painting with a frame; simply getting a few photos of your favorite paintings can give your room a nice mood. Whether it’s a Romanticism piece or a contemporary painting, make your room unique with different paintings!

Source: Ying Li

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