Falling in Love With Yourself This Valentine’s Day: Self-Love Tips

‘Tis the season of love. We all practice love daily with our friends, family, hobbies and passions, and maybe even a special someone. But how often do you practice loving yourself?

Here are some tips to help you work on self-love:

  1. Journal your thoughts and feelings, or respond to a prompt. Journaling is a great way to put your feelings into words and reflect on your thoughts. You can also try replying to a prompt surrounding self-love, such as:
    • What makes me unique?
    • Name 5 things you love about yourself, inside or out.
    • Challenge your inner critic. Take your thoughts and place them into a debate, providing evidence of why you are worthy.
    • What is something you did or accomplished today that you are proud of yourself for? (It can be something small and simple — some days simply providing nourishment for your body or getting dressed are something to be proud of.)
    • List 5 things you are grateful for.
  2. Try meditation. Meditation is a great way to slow down your thoughts and refresh your mind. Simply sit in silence or with some calm, quiet music on for a few minutes, closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. You can also try a guided self-love meditation, which you can find lots of on YouTube or in meditation apps.
  3. Move your body. Exercising, whether a quick yoga exercise or an intense cardio workout in the Fitness Center, can greatly boost self-esteem, help you get out of your head, and increase body positivity.
  4. Truth Card Example

    Create Truth Cards. If you enjoy crafts or are a visual learner, this one might be perfect for you! Truth Cards are pieces of paper with inspiring messages or affirmations. Think of them as a little note to yourself from when you are thinking clearly — the truth — to when you are having a bad moment. Add some inspirational quotes, song lyrics, or sayings, then decorate if you want! You can download some messages and images to cut and paste onto a card if you need some inspiration here.

  5. Listen to this self-love playlist. Feel free to duplicate it and add any other songs that personally hype you up!

This Valentine’s Day, be sure to take some time out of your day to practice self-love. Remember to be kind and patient with yourself as you establish this new mode of thinking. Self-love is a difficult practice, it is constantly evolving, and it takes a lifetime to master.

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Hannah Johnson
Hannah is a senior at IMSA and lives in 1502 B up-quad. She is excited to be a Staff Writer and Graphic Designer for The Acronym this year. She also enjoys participating in swim team, Student Ambassadors, and Yearbook.

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