Homecoming Week Day 4: The Volleyball Game

Picture of Homecoming Schedule. Source: CAB

On Day Four of Homecoming Week, due to the unfortunate news of German instructor Ms. Agnieszka Michalak’s sudden passing, the scheduled daily events were canceled. However, we still did see the Volleyball game against Newark. Let’s see how it went!

Newark began with some powerful serves, bringing them up to 0-8. A rough start, for sure, but the team stayed resilient. Victoria Nalepka (’24) dove for every ball she could, leading by example as the captain. This led to some very good rallies between the two teams, charged by Stella Ristic (’25) – and with a nice swing from Chiamaka Okoli (’24), IMSA gained some momentum on Newark’s large lead, bringing it to 5-12. Unfortunately, even after an amazing point with a nice dig from Amani Harrington (’25) combo’d with a crushing blow by Victoria, IMSA couldn’t manage to catch up to Newark, and the score fell to 5-21. With a hit from Newark, the first set was lost. 

The next set started much better: IMSA stayed decently on pace with Newark, with the score at 1-3. Two serve aces from Amani brought the score to 3-3, and the crowd went nuts. And after a couple of good plays from Victoria, Stella, and Kateryna Honchar (’26), the score stayed even at 9-9. Incredible defense was shown from both teams, but IMSA couldn’t seem to get the final hits in to secure the point – the score was 10-21. Stella showed her fight by scoring two points in a row at the end, but in the end, IMSA lost in straight sets, 12-25. 

Friday brings the final day of Homecoming Week, bringing Pep Rally and the Soccer Game! Let’s hope that the seniors win- *cough,* – I mean, let’s see some good moments from each class’s Drill! 

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