IMSA’s New Classes

With a slew of changes coming this academic year, one that has confused many students are the courses that will be offered. The Acronym is here to provide a tentative list of some of the new classes that will be added or removed in the 2023-2024 Course Selection Catalog. 

In the Mathematics department, the prerequisites for Introduction to Proofs has changed. In the past, Mathematical Investigations IV (MI4) was the prerequisite for Introduction to Proofs, which was a largely ignored course. Now, Introduction to Proofs has gained importance by becoming a prerequisite for other higher-level courses, and its own prerequisite has been lowered to MI3. As a result, classes like Number Theory and Linear Algebra do not require one or more semesters of calculus. 

In the Computer Science department, the course offerings remain largely unchanged. However, the Fall section of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) will now include other Illinois students who want to learn computer science from a premier institution like IMSA.

The Science course offerings have changed quite a bit since the previous school year. Physical Chemistry of Materials (PChem) is an exciting new addition that bridges both physics and chemistry. To enroll in PChem, one must complete a semester of calculus in addition to the introductory science courses. Also, Geology and Biophysics are missing from the 2023-24 Course Catalog, due to a lack of enrollment in previous years.

The core classes for English mostly remain unaffected, with one major difference: the required summer reading for LE1 was changed from The Sirens of Mars, a scientific history and memoir by Sarah Stewart Johnson, to The Influencing Machine, a graphic novel treatment of the history of journalism and media bias, by Brooke Gladstone and Josh Neufeld. Within the higher-level English classes, Authors and Topics: Travel Writing has transformed to Authors and Topics: Horror Fiction. The History/Social Science Department has added Ancient Greek World to their numerous offerings. 

In Languages, all levels of Russian have been removed from the World Languages department, reducing the foreign languages offered to just French, Spanish, German, and Mandarin. A curious development in the Wellness section is the name change of the foundational course from Moving and Learning to Foundations of Healthy Living, as well as re-shaping the class to fit into two double mod blocks each week.

 With the add/drop period having closed, hopefully you were able to take advantage of the new courses offered and note the revisions of the 2023-2024 Course Catalog. (As the school year rolls around, students might possibly begin to notice more changes within the catalog than previously mentioned. With the add/drop period coming up, take advantage of the new courses offered and make sure to note the revisions of the 2023-2024 Course Catalog.)


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