Homecoming Week Day 5: Pep Rally!

Picture of Homecoming Schedule. Source: CAB

On the fifth and final day of Homecoming Week, the tension and the action all finally came to a head. It all led up to the most important event of the week: Pep Rally!

Pep Rally began with a moment of silence, a beautiful memorial to the late German instructor, Ms. Agnieszka Michalak. It then transitioned into a video that highlighted many of the past events surrounding Homecoming, before the excitement truly began with the first event: Obstacle Course! Including a multitude of interesting activities that members of each class had to complete, starting with a very acrobatic human cycle and ending with a pie smashed into a CAB (Campus Activities Board) member’s face, the fun seemingly had no end! The Class of ’26 had a strong start, but the seniors (’24) quickly caught up, managing to be the first class to successfully create a human pyramid. There was also a very difficult crawling game that seemingly no class could complete efficiently, but, eventually, the seniors and the juniors were racing to get to the pie. The seniors closely beat out the Class of ’25 to smash it in the face of our very own CAB Director, Faizaan Shaikh (’24)!

Then the much-anticipated Homecoming Drill began! These are performances by every class including a multitude of choreographed dances. Starting with the sophomores, the event began with a performance including many dances, and some acrobatics! The Class of ’25 seemed to be even more excited to perform, with a playlist to remember and a bunch of interesting moves. They even ended their performance with lifting a dancer in the air, creating an overall enjoyable experience. Finishing off Pep Rally, the seniors completely decimated the competition with their togetherness, music choice, and overall competence with their performance! Each person in the dance was aware of the game plan and finished strong with their choreography, emphasizing the focus on the lead dancers. 

The event ended with scores, and the winners of each event were announced. Coming all the way from third place, with no contest, the seniors won Drill! And with their performance in Obstacle Course, they also managed to beat out the sophomores and the juniors to win Homecoming! The juniors rallied to get to second place, and the sophomores made a valiant effort to reach third. 

Overall, last week was filled with fun, and the crescendo of Pep Rally gave a good end to that fun! Thank you to the wonderful CAB for making this happen, and here’s to another great Homecoming!

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