Homecoming Day 5: A Special Ending to A Special Week

A Snapshot of the Class of 2020’s drill team performanceA Snapshot of the Class of 2020’s drill team performance | Source: ISP

Although Homecoming Week was coming to a wrap on Day 5, there was still plenty of energy surrounding the events of the day. There was certainly no lack of school spirit as each class arrived at school decked out in their respective class spirit wear (Seniors in pink, juniors in maroon, and sophomores in green). The day contained the daily riddle, the “Jar of Stars” midday event, and Pep Rally.

Friday’s riddle consisted of a unique journey through a CSI quarter project, which led to a hidden audio recording containing clues to a Google Slides presentation with dots sparsely scattered across a slide. Connecting the dots, literally and figuratively, revealed the constellation Sagittarius, which was the answer to the riddle. Unfortunately, no class was able to solve the riddle for the day.

At midday, members of each class congregated to recieve face paintings in preparation for the after-school event. Students sported pink, burgundy, and green to showcase their class pride.

Seniors celebrate their victory after drill. | Source: ISP

After school, each class assembled in the Main Gym for the highlight event of the day, Pep Rally. First up at Pep Rally was the obstacle course. Each class sent representatives to perform cartwheels, race in a potato sack, throw balls into each sack, play a round of golf, shoot three-pointers, push scooters, solve riddles, and, eventually, pie a teacher in the face. At the end of the obstacle course, the sophomores snatched the victory, with the seniors following close behind, and the juniors finishing strong at third place.

Following the Obstacle Course, came each classes’ drill performance, showing weeks of hard work and sweat through intricate dance performances. Each dance was judged on their Uniformity/Cleanliness, Entertainment, Technical Aptitude, and Creativity/Originality. While every performance was truly stellar, the seniors came out on top with a mesmerizing performance. With a pleasant surprise, the sophomore finished in second place, followed by the juniors in third place.

Homecoming Week wrapped up with an RC Drill Performance and the final placements of each class. Congrats to the seniors on being crowned Best Class, and thank you to everyone on campus for making this week truly special! Special thank you to CAB and StudCo for making Homecoming Week possible!


Here are the final scores:

Seniors – 2400

Juniors – 2050

Sophomores – 1725

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