Recent Trends in IMSA Disciplinary Infractions

Disciplinary Infractions have increased at IMSA. | Source: Getty Images

In a recent interview with Dorothy Pleas, the Chief Hearing Officer at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA), Ms. Pleas provided an overview of the disciplinary situation at IMSA describing recent cases, types of infractions, and the measures in place to address them.

Overview of Disciplinary Infractions

The Chief Hearing Officer stated that there has been an increase in individual disciplinary infractions from Fall 2022 to Fall 2023. In Fall 2023, there were 46 Tier II or Tier III disciplinary infractions, compared to 32 in Fall 2022. Academic dishonesty and leaving campus without permission were the most prominent policy violations during this period. Some cases in Fall 2023 have had a large number of students who were involved and found in violation, which may explain the increase in the number of disciplinary infractions.

Addressing concerns about a surge in discipline cases, the Chief Hearing Officer clarified that there has been a decrease in cases during Fall 2023 compared to the previous year. No surge in disciplinary issues has been observed.

Identification and Reporting of Discipline Cases

Discipline cases are primarily identified and reported by staff members such as Resident Counselors or Campus Safety. The Maxient system serves as a crucial tool for documenting suspected incidents of misconduct. Any member of the IMSA community can report an incident through the Maxient system, the Livesafe app, or by notifying a member of the Student Affairs staff. Ms. Pleas then determines if the incidents described in the reports are possible violations of the student discipline policy and proceeds accordingly.

Preventive Measures and Changes

In response to inquiries about changes in preventive measures, the Chief Hearing Officer, who joined IMSA in August 2023, indicated that there have been no alterations in preventative measures during the Fall term.

Future Steps and Strategy 

Regarding future steps, the Chief Hearing Officer emphasized a commitment to applying discipline policies fairly and equitably. The focus is on ensuring clarity in the process for students and fostering a supportive environment for both students and their families. As Ms. Pleas states, “My aim in my first year as Chief Hearing Officer is to apply our discipline policies fairly and equitably. I also aim to make sure the process is clear for students and that they and their families feel supported.”

Additionally, there is a biennial review of the Student Discipline policy and Chemical Possession and Use policy occurring currently. A committee comprising faculty, staff, students, and parents has been convened to recommend changes. The committee is also conducting an Equity Lens review and considering state/national regulations and policies of similar institutions.

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