CLASH Day 4: Pep Rally!!!

05 Pep Rally Group Photo. | Source: Ashwin

Signaling the end of the CLASH week, Pep Rally certainly didn’t disappoint!

It started with an obstacle course with representatives from each hall coming together to compete in a relay race composed of a series of games themed after each hall. After a competitive race, 1501 ended up on top. 

Then, it was time for the senior game. This year the game was themed around flag football with each hall sending three seniors out to play. For each team, one member was required to hold a football with the other two free to go after other teams’ flags, and to win, the person with the football had to survive the longest. It was a tight competition filled with alliances, betrayals, and some controversial plays near the end. In the end, 04 came out on top. 

Now finally, it’s time to talk about the dances! 

First up was 06, and boy did they set a high bar. With amazing choreography paired with intricate formations, they immediately made a big splash. Their final placement of 6th in the drill rankings caused a great amount of controversy, as many thought that their performance deserved at least the top two or three. 

Next up was 01. With some great energy and stunts, 01 shocked everyone!

Then it was time for the leading hall coming into the day, 05, to come to the stage. This was another high-quality performance, with well-practiced coordination and great music choices to pair with their theme. The Vigilantes stole the show, coming in first place for drill! 

And coming in at the halfway point 07. With some impeccable stunts and fun choreography, 07 brought the audience to Wonderland. 

Up next was 04. With one of the most eerily amazing intros I’ve ever seen, 04 knocked it out of the park using some creative props and amazing dance moves. It felt almost . . . dystopian.

02 followed their performance up, with a memorable one of theirs. Utilizing some great atmospheric music that matched up well with their choreography, they were truly like pixies. 

And last but not least, it was 03’s turn. Being the runner-up coming into the day, they had a lot to prove, and they showed it, with their impressive formations and energy, it was a venomous formula for success. 

So with the final event done, and all the points tallied up. Your 2024 CLASH of the Halls Champion is . . . 1505!!! Congratulations!

Scores and Rankings:

Pep Rally (Drill/Senior Game/Obstacle Course):

1st: 1505

2nd: 1504

3rd: 1503

4th: 1502

5th: 1501

6th: 1506

7th: 1507


1st: 1505

2nd: 1503

3rd: 1501

4th: 1506

5th: 1502

6th: 1507

7th: 1504

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  1. Is there a video of drill?

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