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Media Roundup: Quarter 1

By: Shreya Shanker, Eveline Liu, Vandana Karan, Ashley Kim, Kaitlyn Schmeider Presenting the Acronym’s first Media Roundup: an article that sums-up the three best movies, albums, TV shows, and books of the quarter….

Falloween and Haunted Locker!

By: Haneesha Paruchuri & Eveline Liu IMSA campus buzzed with excitement last Friday night, despite the freezing temperatures. 1507 hosted its annual Haunted Locker room while the Residential Hall Association…

Life of Leaving Home

On August 12th, I moved back to school. Heaved crates upon boxes, loaded backpacks atop suitcases, but most importantly, gathered heart and mind for another hellish year to come. It…